TeamRhythm by Easy Agile

The mothership has sent out 15 exploration teams in space shuttles on a lengthy mission to explore a cluster of planets in the sector. Some are looking for signs of life, some are collecting rock specimens, and others studying known alien species.

With all the teams in varied environments with different tasks, they start to lose touch with the mothership and the home crew’s core mission.

How can you, as the mothership captain, show these explorers that they’re not forgotten and keep them connected to their teammates on the ship?

Take an example from Lyft! For every customer journey at Lyft, there are dozens of teams managing different touchpoints behind the scenes. These teams manage multiple customers and deliver a different experience for each. Lyft relies on Atlassian’s Jira to manage this work, prioritize actions, and ensure teams are achieving optimal flow.

The challenge for Lyft lay in finding a way to keep teams focused on the same end goal while working on different touchpoints and across different locations.

Enter Easy Agile TeamRhythm. Lyft uses Easy Agile TeamRhythm to help share one story and align work priorities for teams across the business.

“Since rolling out Easy Agile User Story Maps (now TeamRhythm), we’ve seen a 20% increase across all our velocity metrics,” says John Walpole - Principal Technical Project Manager, Lyft. “This has happened internally across developer metrics and externally with things like call center volume, help, and support tickets, as well as people being stuck and feeling frustrated”.