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Take control of your team’s productivity and efficiency today with SharePoint Connector for Confluence. Connect, innovate, and sync your team’s workflows across two different platforms into one!

SharePoint Connector for Confluence See How Teams Thrive with Seamless Collaboration

Integrate SharePoint with Confluence for seamless collaboration and boosted productivity across both platforms.

Unite Your Team Against The Digital Divide Get your teams connected and collaborating across two platforms from one place in no time at all.

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Get The Best of Both Platforms

Fully benefit from your investment in both platforms. Experience the full potential of each platform. Leverage SharePoint Document Management and Confluence Collaboration capabilities from one place with SharePoint Connector for Confluence.


Let your team work on the platform of their choice without compromising productivity and efficiency.

Eliminate Redundancies

This app ensures your team is aligned to avoid duplicated content where they do something that was already being done by someone else on a different platform.

Professional Customer Support

Get personalized support and service. Our team is always ready to assist with any queries, assistance, or issues you have.

Features of SharePoint Connector for Confluence

Work Smarter, Together Check out the many ways SharePoint Connector can enhance your team’s synergy and productivity within your company.

Break Down Silos

Sync document uploads and edits across SharePoint & Confluence instantly, so everyone is always up-to-date and on the same page.

Improved Accessibility

When a team member embeds a list or document library from SharePoint, others can browse the files from a Confluence page. So your team will never need to open SharePoint and vice versa.

Multiple Hosting Options

Take your collaboration and productivity to the next level. SharePoint Connector is compatible with the latest version of SharePoint Online (Microsoft 365) and SharePoint On-Premises, as well as Confluence Cloud and Confluence Data Center.

Seamless Cross Collaboration

Your team can instantly embed, share, and edit SharePoint documents or folders within your Confluence wiki with powerful macros.

Get the best of Confluence in SharePoint

Seamlessly embed Confluence pages into SharePoint using the Confluence Content web part. This integration ensures that your content is always up to date on both platforms.

The securest way to bridge Confluence & SharePoint

Drive efficient collaboration by integrating the two platforms and manage data securely in a unified digital workplace. ISO certification and Cloud Fortified Badge guarantee the highest level of data security & privacy.

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