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We empower teams to work smarter

We empower teams to work smarter

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Hitchhiker's Guide to
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We love Atlassian products just as much as you do. That’s why we spend our days looking for problems. We find the little things that keep your business from running smoothly. And develop apps that brilliantly solve them. So Atlassian platforms work better for you, and your team works better together.

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User Profiles for Confluence

Bring your team together with this top-selling app. Create powerful user profiles, org charts, and phonebooks. Keep it all up to date by synchronizing with directories. And add robust search and filtering options so that your users can find colleagues faster.


User Profiles for Jira

Take Jira productivity to the next level. Customize user profiles with fields for languages, skills, and expertise, and more—so users can quickly find the colleagues and answers they’re looking for. Then, make it easier to connect with hover previews and click-to-call functions.

User Anonymizer for Confluence and Jira

User Anonymizer for Confluence and Jira

The easy way to anonymize user data and comply with GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten. Instantly anonymizes user data across Confluence and Jira issues, comments, custom fields and more.


Logo Metadata

Metadata for Confluence

Tap into the power of your metadata. Easily structure your wiki content with consistent metadata. Generate powerful metadata overviews. And get access to new productivity-enhancing capabilities.


Subspace Navigation for Confluence

Discover a simpler way to organize and navigate Confluence. Easily create a central navigation, develop personalized menus based on user profile information and metadata, and embed menu items within Confluence pages.

categories for bitbucket

Categories for Bitbucket

Master your Bitbucket data. This app lets you assign categories to projects and repositories. So you can obtain powerful overviews, quickly filter results, and find projects and repositories faster than ever.


IT System and Application Catalogue

Spend more time working and less time documenting your infrastructure. This app gives you a set of predefined templates and reports, making it easy for everyone to read and write IT documentation.



RemindMe for Jira

Keep Jira workflows running smoothly. RemindMe makes it easy to create, track and manage issue-based reminders, giving your users the power to stay focused on higher-priority projects and effectively manage their backlog.


Logo SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence

SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence

Integrate Confluence and SharePoint Online — and take collaboration to the next level. Now your SharePoint Online and Confluence teams can work as one, collaborating on the same content using whichever system they prefer.

SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence

SharePoint Connector for Confluence

Bring Confluence and SharePoint together—and eliminate software silos. This app makes it easy to embed Confluence content in SharePoint, and vice versa. So your users can find the information they need in either system—and your teams can work better together.

Logo Connector_for_SharePoint_Search

Connector for SharePoint Search

Close the search gap. Integrate search results from Confluence and SharePoint, and save users from having to search in multiple systems. This app seamlessly pulls data from your wiki into SharePoint Search, enabling your users to quickly find the answers they’re looking for.


Accessibility for Confluence

Accessibility for Confluence

Easily meet Accessibility requirements. This app enables you to support screen readers, high-contrast mode, and keyboard operation to create a truly barrier-free collaboration environment for all of your colleagues.


CUTE for Confluence

Customize the look and feel of Confluence with this flexible toolkit. Free, customizable sample themes and extensions give you the power to create a fully branded, modern intranet in minutes, and just as quickly upgrade your UI with custom menus and dashboards.


CUTE for Jira

Unleash the full potential of Jira. Easily add your own branding and powerful UI functions—like custom banners, favorites, and quick search—to help your team get the most out of Jira. Our library of free tools and extensions enables you to get started quickly.

A great plugin that extends the Confluence profile with more important information! All automatically!

Eric Salonen
Ambientia Ltd.

This Plugin is great and helps a lot to keep in mind all the important tasks 🙂

Thomas Zöger
clever+zöger GmbH

Really helpful to be able to categorise our Stash projects – makes things infinitely easier to find and view, a great addition! Thanks!

Ruth Cheesley
Virya Technologies

We’re proud to be an Atlassian Gold Top Vendor.