User Profiles for Jira

Easily navigate through Jira.

Connect your teams & empower efficient and fun teamwork! Sync fields with Active Directory and keep your Jira issues updated. Extend your possibilities to filter and automate

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Easily customize user profile fields

Powerful customization options let you provide more context and additional contact options directly on Jira issues.

Improve productivity & accelerate collaboration

Enhance your possibilities for reporting, building queues, and automation. Improve work processes & accelerate productivity in shared teams.

Keep your Jira issues always up-to-date

Sync fields with Active Directory automatically and empower your team with a single source of truth that eliminate chaos and inefficient collaboration.

Sync and show information from Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) on issues

Synchronize and display important information from Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) on Jira issues automatically. Select whose information will be displayed in the Jira issue and help users to be able to process issues properly.

Improve work processes & drive up productivity

Enhance your possibilities for reporting, building queues and automation by utilizing JQL. Improve work processes and help your teams working with Jira Software or Jira Service Management to boost productivity.

Simplify approvals by using the manager attribute

Power up your Jira workflows by setting up a proper approval process that can lead to accelerated productivity and efficiency. Apply the manager attribute effectively and empower teams with automated workflows.

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