Categories for Bitbucket

Organize Your Bitbucket

Categories for Bitbucket Organize Your Bitbucket

Add categories, filter and get fast overviews of your projects and repositories.

Goodbye chaos! Hello, organized and efficient work! The essential tool for organizing your Bitbucket projects and repositories

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Create powerful overviews

Easily cluster your projects and repositories to quickly get an overview of everything you might be looking for.

Effortless Categorization

Smoothly add new categories to your projects or repositories or use the autocomplete option to search for your created categories.

Swiftly Filter

Quickly Filter your projects or repositories in a category by their name, key or description.

Powerful overviews

The search is over. Categories for Bitbucket gives you the power to cluster projects and repositories within categories, so you can quickly obtain an overview and find what you’re looking for.

Fast & easy categorization

The addition of a “Categories” field lets you quickly add categories to projects and repositories. Or simply use autocomplete to find and select already-used categories.

Easy filtering

Stop scrolling through endless repositories. With Categories for Bitbucket, you can quickly filter projects and repositories in the current category by name, key or description.

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