User Profiles for Confluence

Create Powerful User Profiles

User Profiles for Confluence Create Powerful User Profiles

Display all important information about your users in their profile cards & get them connected.

Connect your team members & enable fun and efficient teamwork! Embed powerful user profile macros in Confluence · Easily synchronize with an external directory

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Easily customize user profile fields

Display more than just the standard information! Add additional elements like expertise, skills, or language and help your users to quickly find the person they’re looking for.

Get up-to-date profile information

Getting current user information has never been easier! The synchronization of user profiles via your Active Directory or LDAP ensures up-to-date contact information, user pictures, and more.

Empower fast communication

You can now easily get in touch with your colleagues via Skype or Microsoft Teams. They’re only one click away!

Everything’s possible with macros

Use the user profiles macros to build org-charts, create phone books, or else. You can creatively embed user profiles in your Confluence pages.

Use powerful User Profile macros

Easily add a contact person macro to a news or project page to showcase the colleagues in charge of a topic and make contacting them fast and convenient.

Connect with external user directories

By connecting and displaying user profile information from Microsoft 365, you can be sure that profile pictures, email-addresses and the business phone number will always be up-to-date.

Show Microsoft Teams chat and status in Confluence

See a person's recent Teams status and start a chat in Microsoft Teams right from the contact person macro. A click is all you need to get connected!

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