Process Management Suite for Confluence

Bring Your Processes to Life

Process Management Suite for Confluence Bring Your Processes to Life

Create a wiki-based quality management system, comply with ISO 9001:2015, and get your fitting Standard Operating Procedures.

Streamline your quality management system and process management! Bring your Standard Operating Procedures to life with a wiki-based, ISO 9001:2015-compliant quality management system

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Powerful teamwork

Process Templates, as well as clearer roles and responsibilities, help in creating a structured and collaborative take on process documentation and management

Drive Continuous Improvement

An agile, wiki-based approach brings your processes to life and empowers your teams to continuously improve everyday-processes.

Tweak Your Process Management

Using Process Management Suite enables you to develop clear workflows and templates. You get to see all measures and process statuses and collect feedback from the team.

Visible and Accessible Processes

The “Process Search” macro and the “Process Landscape View” help making your processes more visible and accessible.

Unleash the Power of Your Teams

Now your teams can shape the processes they use to do their work. Clearer roles and responsibilities, and process templates enable a structured, collaborative approach to process documentation and management.

Drive Continuous Process Improvements

Are your processes gathering dust in file storage? Bring them to life with an agile, wiki-based approach to process management. And give your teams the power to continuously improve the processes they use every day.

Streamline Your Process Management

With Process Management Suite for Confluence, you’re able to develop clear workflows and templates, easily see all measures and process statuses, collect feedback, and coordinate implementation across the team.

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