Structure and Theme Confluence by Refined

With the digital universe doubling in size every two years, users often struggle to navigate content and find the information they need. This is what drove Comalatech, a platinum vendor in the Atlassian ecosystem to revamp their product documentation wiki to ensure information about their apps is visual, accessible, and easy to navigate.

Comalatech leveraged Refined to give their public wiki documentation on Confluence Server a makeover. Having a fresh information design makes the wiki easier to navigate while keeping the company’s corporate identity consistent across all digital properties. Comalatech customers can now easily search and access the documentation they need.

Visually powerful: How Refined improved Comalatech’s Confluence wiki Redesigning Comalatech’s Confluence space with Refined was a straightforward process, which included the following three steps.

  1. Navigation Improvements: Reorganization of spaces to improve navigation.
  2. Corporate identity alignment: Rework of the theme to match the Comalatech brand.
  3. New site home: Rework of the site home layout (landing page).

Navigation improvements Comalatech’s old wiki featured all of their products at the top-level navigation bar. As they continued to grow the product portfolio, the menu was also extended. This led to the need to reorganize the categories, keeping the main navigation at just four categories. Refined enabled them to set ‘subcategory’ pages, structured into columns in the drop-down menu as in the image below.

A new look that matches the Comalatech corporate identity Refined’s built-in theme editor offered a simple way to customize the Confluence wiki to match Comalatech’s corporate identity, giving the homepage a modern look and feel.

It’s extremely simple to upload a banner image to match with their website and synchronize the theme across all pages. For example, here is the new look of the same theme on a space home:

Reworking the documentation site home Updating the layout and the look of the landing page was a large part of the page design improvement. With Refined’s dynamic layout editor, Comalatech was able to customize the wiki homepage with no code required.

Refined for Confluence also comes with the capability to customize the footer of Confluence, allowing Comalatech to add all the necessary links to the bottom of the page. They are looking to extend this design to the Comalatech support portal with Refined for Jira Service Management.