Projectrak - Project Tracking for Jira for Deiser

When a change is proposed at an organizational level, or changes need to be made simply to follow up on projects, we must consider many variables that have to be considered for different reasons.

X-men was a big team for a long time before they realized they were not aware of the situations other teams in the organization were working on. They kept battling different external threads, but they couldn’t establish a standardized way to execute the different tasks. Some threads needed a longer time to be completed than others, some needed bigger vehicles (which were reflected in the budget), and some needed to know who was providing support at the Mansion when things got a bit ugly.

It was then that Charles “Professor X” Xavier decided to make some organizational changes to be able to manage the “Xavier Institute for Higher Learning” and an ever-growing list of external threads with better control. After analyzing other organizations like “Avengers”, Professor X realized that they needed to grow to remain relevant in the market, too. This required the organization to define their requirements (a difficult job due to the situation of their environment) and decided that all X-men should be grouped around the same objective, drawing up a change plan.

After long research, the mutants decided to adopt Jira as the main way to work and organize themselves. Each one took command of their teams and internally got down to work, but when they needed to review project information to get to work, they realized that the information was not organized, making them lose visibility within each of their projects. Thanks to Professor X‘s research, they found Projectrak, which would help them organize around the same objective, have better visibility for tracking processes and workflows, and be able to consolidate and audit different projects. And all of this at the same time.

Once this project management change was implemented, mutants had more time left in their hands, so they decided to draw up a plan to defend everything they had fought for after so much effort, so they implemented a Change management project (to plan, document and notify big changes) with the help of Projectrak, too.

Finally, they managed to unify all their projects and tasks into the X-men and “Xavier Institute for Higher Learning” standards, and even include more information with a few Projectrak fields, which Jira by itself was not possible to provide.

With the abilities that Projectrak provided, they standardized essential information common to all X-men, which allowed them to trace different work routes taking into account the different skills each mutant could bring to the game, prioritizing and assigning projects to roles depending on the structure of the team, assigning the proper support when a team was off-duty, and having all the information need about their tools and vehicles. And all this information could be easily shared for better reporting and excellent tracking.

What did they get with Projectrak that helped them achieve their objectives?

  1. Centralized information from different departments (Project navigator list)
  2. Collaboration between the different teams around the projects (board)
  3. More accurate information and a better followup (notifications & formula fields)
  4. Control and monitoring of the information (Gadget).

How did they make it possible?

  1. To centralize the information of the different teams they started to manage their workload with Projectrak using the Project navigator list, which was intended to be common to all departments. Without this app, they would not be able to have a general overview or identify situation points.
  2. It was the first time that all departments collaborated in a unified way, and they didn’t know how to share their progress until they started using the Projectrak board view in their meetings. At that point, they could see all their progress organized and understandable for everyone. They discovered the interaction that can be given to the board view during their meetings, arranging their projects according to their status, priority, or even skills.
  3. They acquired great precision in their data results, which showed them the estimated time and budgets for their projects more accurately. These fields started being automatically calculated with the incorporation of formula fields, which thanks to a custom configuration could obtain the level of costs, time, and other critical project data. Professor X could not spend time entering Jira to get information, so the rest of the superheroes decided that it would be good for him to receive emails with the most important project’s progress and changes, so they began to use Projectrak notifications offering the possibility to be up to date about the projects. Neither Professor X nor the team will lose the traceability of the projects again.
  4. During the project, monitoring the data was vital to performing different control actions and information on the scope of the objectives they set, to understand what they had done, where they wanted to go, and how they could improve. They realized how easy it was for Projectrak to return this data using Projectrak gadgets.

The team achieved exponential growth at a transversal level, and everyone in the X-men team and sub teams could be up-to-date and aligned with their progress, and communication reached a higher level.

After a few months of this implementation, Professor X assembled the teams to assess the situation they had reached and notified them that it was extremely positive. And as expected, the rest of the market began to look at this growth as one of the best practices carried out in recent years.

Is your company thinking about leaping in quality? The Professor X online community created its own knowledge space on a direct route to make it accessible to everyone.