Lucidchart Diagrams by Luchidchart

It isn’t always easy to navigate complex business processes without a visual guide. Fortunately, you can integrate Lucidchart diagrams with Confluence, Jira, and dozens of other solutions to shape ideas and simplify processes and workflows, so your teams can accomplish great work together.

What’s worse than not having guidance is losing it when you’re already in the middle of the process. That was the case for Alberto Calva, Go-to-Market Manager, and his team at Western Union. Alberto was in the middle of documenting processes for a global product launch using Microsoft Visio, only to be informed by his management that the software had been canceled.

Even before this happened, Alberto had identified limitations with Visio. Teams still had to email launch process diagrams back and forth, making it difficult to keep track of the correct version. Alberto’s priority was to find an alternative diagram tool that avoided potential workflow breakdowns and bottlenecks.

“The collaboration feature saves our company a great deal of time. With Visio, we were constantly emailing diagrams back and forth,” said Alberto, “it was easy for things to get lost in translation, and inefficient workflows delayed the project.”

Guiding product launches with process diagrams at Western Union Coordinating a product launch with geographically dispersed teams is no easy feat. Alberto needed to ensure that everyone understood their roles and responsibilities to sync up on the project deliverables. More importantly, he needed a clear and compelling product plan to get management buy-in and move the project forward.

That’s where Lucidchart came in. The transition to Lucidchart was seamless. Alberto managed to recreate his Visio process diagrams in Lucidchart in a flash. His teams were able to navigate the app with zero learning curve and get up to speed faster, as compared to Visio.

Lucidchart’s swimlane diagrams add clarity and transparency to project workflows. With the intuitive drag-and drop interface, Alberto can delineate each team‘s roles and responsibilities effectively.

Instead of emailing diagrams back and forth, all team members have access to the same diagram. Lucidchart‘s commenting feature also enables real-time collaboration, helping teams resolve issues without ever leaving the workspace. Once a diagram is completed, they can simply export the document to share with management for project approval and kick-off.

“I love that you have the option to invite any team member to collaborate on the diagram, regardless of where they are. You can raise questions on a specific part of the process and assign someone to answer directly in the product. Everything happens in real-time to avoid version conflicts. This helps us solve our problems and finish our diagrams faster. - Alberto Calva, Go-to-Market Manager.