Jira Service Management Apps by Deviniti

Finding the right ITSM solution for enterprise needs is like searching for a livable planet in a vast solar system. There are as many user requirements as the biodiversity of species, so you must consider various factors when inhabiting a new ITSM space. That was the case of two customers that came to Deviniti for Jira Service Management customization.

MetLife: Customize Jira Service Management to Unify IT Service Management For a long time, MetLife had to rely on several unconnected systems and processes, from paperwork to custom developed software, to manage internal IT requests. This resulted in too many possibilities to file a ticket and no clear way to transfer them between systems.

Realizing the productivity loss due to inefficient workflows, the company started to search for a unified and fully integrated solution that is cost-effective, customizable, and easily configurable. Jira Service Management (Server version) met that need.

As soon as the testing instance was live, MetLife came to Deviniti for custom functionalities that aren’t available out-of-the-box to further support their use case. The list of features included dynamic request forms, request type visibility, representation requests, and enhanced Active Directory integration.

Deviniti had successfully delivered multiple custom features for MetLife to extend the capabilities of native Jira Service Management (JSM).

Due to the high volume of requests, these apps later became available on the Atlassian Marketplace to serve more JSM users.

With Extension for Jira Service Management, one of Devinti’s top-selling apps, MetLife was able to create dynamic forms with more fine-grained visibility options. They also leveraged a similar app, Dynamic Forms for Jira, to create intuitive and responsive Create Issue screens in their Jira Software instance. And thanks to Active Directory Attributes Sync, it became easier to collect insights about their users, as well as basic contact details of their agents.

On top of that, Deviniti also developed two fully custom apps that enabled MetLife to automate access management within their network catalogs and applications. These solutions completed their goal of having a unified IT service tool.

“Thanks to two custom apps, 25% of access management tickets are now resolved automatically. We can also solve the accumulation of unaccepted tickets by setting up recurring notifications on pending issues. Representation requests enable delegating permissions in the acceptance chain, which helps us get rid of paperwork. Finally, dynamic forms and request type security adjust the Customer Portal to our clients‘ needs, as well as ours.“ - Joanna Czochara, Computer Support Supervisor at MetLife.

Alior Bank: Choosing the right ITSM solution for internal IT support Alior Bank, one of the biggest universal banks in Poland, was facing a similar challenge. Their previous solution had large license limitations, making it impossible for service management agents to edit, validate, or check important information. Worse, the costs of activating these functionalities were greater than the benefits the solution would offer. Even then, there would still be a lack of customization capabilities to improve the platform.

Everything changed when Jira Service Management Server came into the picture. Despite some missing features that were critical to their IT support role, the extensibility and flexibility of Jira Service Management turned out to be the make-or-break factor for the final decision.

Deviniti came to rescue, once again.

The bank needed to optimize their request forms, while setting permissions for some elements within the Customer Portal to a specific user group. Also, they wanted to have more information about their users from Active Directory. Most importantly, cross project queue configuration was a must-have.

In addition to the Dynamic Forms and Visibility features from Extension for Jira Service Management and Active Directory Attribute Sync, Alior Bank also installed Actions for Jira Service Management to automate repetitive tasks. As for international customer support, Translation for Jira Service Management allowed them to enable a multilingual Customer Portal.

And above all, Queues for Jira Service Management helped them to transform their IT support environment. Sharing his experience with the app, Artur Karpisz, Alior Bank’s IT Project Manager, said: “We have 38 service management projects, so administrators have various responsibilities in various areas and support cases. Switching between queues can be daunting, and the quality of work would be affected.“

Queues for Jira Service Management is the optimum solution. The app enables cross-project queue creation, including both service management and software projects. With it, Alior Bank can now manage all the tickets within a single place. Moreover, well-defined filters and auto-refresh functions ensure that the requests are constantly updated or uploaded.

“To be honest, I don‘t think Jira Service Management implementation would be successful without these apps. Since the functionalities off the shelf are very limited, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the desired comfort of work,“ said Karpisz. “Furthermore, we noticed a significant improvement in the users‘ satisfaction. We were able to optimize IT operations, which helped us process more work, automate multiple tasks, and integrate our service management with various systems, not only those from Atlassian.“