Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira by Appfire

In the expansive universe of Heritage Christian Services, a beacon of inclusion and equity shines brightly, guiding over 3,700 employees as they provide unparalleled support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

At the helm of this interstellar journey, Janeese Stevenson and her help desk crew work tirelessly to ensure that every member of their team is equipped with the tools and tech needed to provide exceptional service and support to the individuals they serve.  

Day in and day out, Janeese faces tons of tickets, from tech troubleshooting to equipping new crew members for their missions. 

The Conundrum of Countless Tickets 

Janeese and her stellar support team found themselves caught in a gravitational pull of redundant queries and tickets, a black hole that devoured precious time and energy. Their mission: to answer questions in a more timely manner by developing and implementing a library of reusable responses to common questions.   

“A lot of the time, we’ll get a ticket with a basic note saying, ‘This person is starting on this date, we need a laptop ready for them.’ But we need very specific details to know what apps need to go on the laptop, and what systems and software the new hire needs access to. It was important to have available a canned response saying, ‘This is our policy on how we process new hire requests. These are the questions we need to be answered. Please respond and send this form back.’ Having to write out all of that manually each time we receive a request — oh my, that's just carpal tunnel syndrome waiting to happen!” – Janeese Stevenson, Help Desk Technician, Heritage Christian Services 

Their previous issue management solution was like aging satellites, only equipped with basic response mechanisms but lacking the ability to adapt and evolve. When her team migrated their issue management to Jira, Janeese learned that Jira had no native canned responses feature. After some searching, she found exactly what she was looking for with the Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira app from Appfire. 

Charting a New Course with Canned Responses Pro Templates 

The Canned Responses Pro Templates app was like a wormhole to efficiency. It enabled Janeese and her crew to easily set up several reusable responses, and add important Confluence links when needed.  

“If you’ve ever used a word processor, you can’t go wrong. It’s intuitive. Initially, I had been the one creating all the templates. Then I created a short tutorial to share with my team to go over how it works. Since then, the entire team has been using it.” – Janeese Stevenson, Help Desk Technician, Heritage Christian Services 

Her team uses Canned Responses to establish a library of reusable responses to common tickets they receive. A key feature of the Canned Responses app is the analytics for each response. Janeese can see how many team members are using which responses.  

This helps her understand which responses are the most popular, and helps the team become effective and efficient. For example, password reset requests are common tickets that come across the help desk. Previously, the team was spending more than five hours per month tending to these tickets. Using Canned Responses reduced that time to just 23 minutes per month for the team! 

“Using Canned Responses to be able to effectively and efficiently handle routine tickets has been a lifesaver for us, giving us more time to do more in-depth troubleshooting for more complex tickets, and do it a lot faster. Canned Responses allows us to provide a standard of quality in our communication, services, and support, consistently.” – Janeese Stevenson, Help Desk Technician, Heritage Christian Services 

Stellar Time Savings 

The transformation was astronomical: a 93% decrease in time spent responding to tickets and five hours saved per month.  

Through the power of Canned Responses, the help desk at Heritage Christian Services has been able to redirect their focus towards navigating more complex galaxies of tech support, ensuring that their mission of fostering an inclusive and equitable universe continues at warp speed. 

“If there were a major agency-wide IT issue it would be like Armageddon. Without Canned 

Responses, IT's response times would be significantly longer, which would lead to staff calling, 

emailing, and stopping by the Help Desk and would overwhelm the team who are in the middle of troubleshooting that issue.” – Janeese Stevenson, Help Desk Technician, Heritage Christian Services