User Profiles for Jira

Create Powerful User Profiles

Gather all important information about your users in their profile cards.

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Connect your teams &

empower efficient and fun teamwork!

user profile fields

Easily customize user profile fields

Add additional elements like expertise, skills, or language and help your users to quickly find the person they’re looking for.

Improve productivity

Automate your processes by using the additional user profile data in Jira workflow post functions e.g. accelerate approvals by automatically assigning issues to the manager of the reporter.

user profile data
fast communication

Empower fast communication

One click on the hover card shows all relevant contact information + enables to directly get in touch via click-to-call.

Enhance your Jira Service Management

Deliver the best customer service by adding further relevant customer information e.g. spoken languages to the profile in Jira Service Management (formerly: Jira Service Desk).

jira service management
add individual details

Foster self-reliance

Enable users to add individual details to their user profiles and get to know more about each other.

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Real Reviews on the Atlassian Marketplace
Customer review

User Profiles allows us to enhance the user information displayed in Jira with additional LDAP data, which also makes this data more readily available for our back-end reporting by storing it in Jira’s database.

by David Stallard

Customer review

With this app we can create the profiles of our users easily and without effort and keep them up to date by taking them directly from the AD. Just awesome!

by Manfred Schregelmann

Customer review

We recommend the app, it supports creating profiles easily and without much effort and having them synchronized with the AD.

by Commercial Account Meelogic Consulting GmbH 

Get up-to-date profiles and more efficient communication today with User Profiles for Jira.

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