Workflows for Confluence by AppFox

Before setting off on your interstellar mission, it's time to do some final safety checks. Are all the crew accounted for? Is the shuttle packed with all the supplies needed for the journey? Do you have the shuttle emergency instruction manual? Wait, which one is correct… they all look similar?! Has this been approved for use? Nobody knows… 

After months of planning, the mission is now in jeopardy! 

Whilst this example illustrates an extreme impact of poor document management and version control, it's something that can impact nearly every business on earth. After all, documentation is important. 

Navigating the Document Universe: A MedTech Odyssey 

A company in the MedTech space needed an easy way to manage their documentation across multiple Confluence Cloud spaces and be confident that the right content was visible to the right people. In particular, ensuring only the content that had been reviewed and approved by specific individuals or teams was available for the broader organization to view. 

Ultimately, they needed a way for their teams to see which version of a document was the most recent and whether it had been approved. 

This is where Workflows for Confluence came to the rescue. 

Liftoff to Efficient Document Lifecycle Management 

Workflows is an all-in-one document management solution for Confluence Cloud that helped the MedTech company easily manage documents throughout their entire lifecycle.  

It provides a range of document controls, including cross-space publishing, content expirations, and multi-stage approval cycles, making the document management process easy for everyone involved. 

Orbiting the Sphere of Content Approval 

Visibility is critical in document management, and with Workflows, their teammates can quickly see a document's approval status at the top of the page.  

A full version history of the document and its entire lifecycle are available at the click of a button, giving their team confidence that the document in front of them was correct. 

Engineering Custom Document Workflows 

By using Workflows, they could easily build their company’s unique, fully customized document 

workflows within Confluence.  

It empowered them to build single or multi-stage approval workflows and route documents to the right individuals or teams for sign-off before they became visible to all. 

Managing Content across Confluence Spaces 

With Workflows, the MedTech company managed content across multiple Confluence spaces. One of their spaces was used for “Work in Progress” documents and had limited access to their employees.  

Once a document had been reviewed and approved, Workflows automatically published it to another space of their choosing, where all employees could view it, ensuring only the approved version of documents was being used. 

Launching Your Document Management into Hyperdrive 

Don’t let a lack of version control or robust document management jeopardize your mission. 

Harness the power of Workflows and transform the way you manage content in Confluence for the better.