Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence by bitvoodoo

Imagine you’re the technical writer documenting the construction of the second Death Star. You’re probably worried: Is the written documentation clear enough? Will they fortify the exhaust vent leading straight to the reactor core? Are the Stormtroopers reading my content? The stakes aren’t that high for Sergey Rodin, a former senior writer at Ninja Van, but technical writers generally share the same concerns regardless of the organization. The app Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence provides Sergey with the actual numbers to take some of the guesswork away. 

Ninja Van is a warehouse logistics provider in Southeast Asia whose technical department relies heavily on Confluence for internal documentation. Sergey Rodin, their Senior Writer, was responsible for ensuring that Ninja Van developers adhered to the guidelines and processes put in place by him and his team. However, he lacks visibility on the performance of his content since technical writing rarely receives any direct user feedback. 

Enter Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence. Using Viewtracker, Sergey now has full access to the analytics of pages that are particularly important to him, like the coding style guide. The data provided him with clear, actionable insights - he found out that many developers weren’t actively using the style guide, so he actively promoted it, and the number of page views spiked. 

The data is also great for stakeholder management. By sharing the relevant page and space usage metrics from Viewtracker, Sergey also found it much easier to get stakeholder buy-in for his new content ideas. For example, using Viewtracker’s Search Report, he could create new content covering frequently searched terms without existing search results. 

Next, two newly added reports make it easier to get oversight over what’s going on in your Confluence. The new Space Status and Instance Report are the spaceship’s command center, ensuring that defects are detected and the spaceship stays on course. This includes insights such as statistics of active vs. inactive users, making it possible to reuse unused licenses. A heatmap that indicates when Confluence use is the highest, showing when it’s best to post content. Top 10 statistics displaying spaces with the most activity, insights on how much storage capacity is used, and more. 

Beyond the helpful qualitative data, using Viewtracker also has some intangible benefits, most notably the improved internal conversation quality. From the list of best-performing pages with the most views, technical writers could dive deeper into which ones were most helpful and what could be further improved. 

Technical writers crave confirmation that their work positively affects the target audience. Viewtracker takes the guesswork out and puts them in a position for greater success!