Single Sign-on and User Sync for Employee Onboarding by re:solution

Single Sign-on and User Sync for Employee Onboarding by re:solution

Managing an armada of applications in your Atlassian Galaxy can be overwhelming. Sometimes, these Atlassian apps lack the essential components for your brigades to reach full velocity. Cue: resolution. Something both Spock and Kirk agree on is security compliance. That’s why, when a leading insurance firm needed their comrades to access a massive internal HR portal, they went to the galaxy leader for authentication and provisioning software.

The Fortune 500 insurance conglomerate ran an HR portal on Confluence supporting over twenty thousand employees. In theory, employees would submit tickets to the HR portal for support via email. These support tickets were stored and managed in Jira Service Management (JSM). The problem was that as soon as someone sent their first email to the HR portal, a JSM account would automatically be created. In which case, employees wouldn’t know the password to their JSM accounts for future access.

For the risk assessment team, the HR portal was the key component in guiding new recruits through basic training. Onboarding could be done seamlessly through the creation of Jira tasks once the new hire created their account. Keyword: could.

Issue 1: Connecting their main database to Atlassian apps to provision new recruits would trigger the creation of the basic training regimen, also referred to as onboarding.

Issue 2: Their 20,000+ strong battalion was only using the portal once or twice per annum and either forgot how to access it or forgot the password. This put unnecessary stress on IT staff while also creating barriers for employees to request basic HR support, e.g., scheduling their vacations.

Re:solution heeded the distress calls and answered with a solution: SAML Single Sign-on with provisioning done by their User Sync

The insurance corporation already managed their comrades with AD FS, so resolution could easily integrate with their SSO. This allowed automatic authentication for HR portal access, so that users could be automatically provisioned or deprovisioned.

re:solution helped the customer to create:

More secure and compliant security standards with centralized user management

• More efficient use of IT personnel and budget

• Automatic user provisioning and deprovisioning

• More efficient process for employee onboarding: via User Sync, a Jira task is assigned to an employee before they activate their account in Jira. When the employee starts, they are guided by a list of Jira Tasks, which helps them complete the most essential activities to get started.