Scroll Documents for Confluence by K15t

As your Confluence instance grows, it can be a challenge to organize and track Confluence content in a structured and efficient way. K15t’s Scroll Documents for Confluence allows you to turn multiple Confluence pages into a single document and manage them together – save versions, track progress, and manage document workflows effortlessly.

Whether it’s documentation, manuals, user guides, or other documents, Scroll Documents for Confluence allows you to define multiple pages as one unit of content and publish them with flexibility and ease.

Control access by structuring, editing, and managing documents or documentation in your private Confluence space and make them available to your readers by publishing to a public space upon release. With versioning flexibility and customization options, it’s a powerful tool to build a knowledge repository for both internal and external accessibility.

Your users or readers can browse up to date documentation intuitively, and features like versioning, exporting, and status labels help you track the progress of your documentation as it’s written.

How ThinkTilt manages documentation with Scroll Documents Think Tilt was the Atlassian vendor behind ProForma, a custom form builder that empowers Jira users to collect structured information.

ThinkTilt authors and maintains ProForma’s documentation in Confluence with Scroll Documents. The app enables them to save and manage versions for every release and deliver a better help experience to their users via a public library on Confluence Cloud.

Keep pace with agile documentation Scale your organizational agility with Scroll Documents by iterating on your documentation with these key features:

• Save and manage versions Save versions of your documentation or snapshots of your documentation across multiple Confluence pages. Proactively work on the next iteration of the documentation during the development phase, and even reference past versions to see how the documentation progresses over multiple releases.

• Compare versions and track changes as your product evolves, use the documents com[1]parison feature to track new information or changes between versions, and establish a relationship between each release and its documentation. Cut your review process down to just a few minutes and catch mistakes or make updates before your documentation goes live.

Export to create static documentation If publishing your documentation online isn‘t enough, Scroll Documents also integrates with Scroll PDF and Word Exporter for Confluence. This integration enables you to create styled PDF and Word exports of your documentation to deliver static formats to your audience.

Elevate Confluence capabilities with Scroll Documents to manage your documents and documentation like never before.