Report Building Service by Actonic

Custom Jira Reports that lead to the stars

As the chief medical officer of your starship, you’ve been tasked with a critical mission. Transport life-saving medications to the planet Zog that’s three light years away!

To accomplish this mission, you first need to catalog all the medications and plot the course for your journey. As you input the data, an alarm wail. Your technology is outdated and it’s draining all of the ship’s power. How will you complete the mission on time?

You need an update… fast! Something that will help you get your task done, accurately set your course, and power your ship back up to warp speed so you can save Zog’s inhabitants. Chemical company BÜFA was facing a similar issue. Find out how Actonic brought their mission to success!

“Truly outstanding [….] all colleagues are happy.” Everyone likes to hear these galactic good words. But this situation was not always like this at BÜFA, a major German chemical company. What steered them in the right direction?

Track Mission Progress with Report Builder BÜFA is an independent chemical company that manufactures over 1000 different chemical products. In addition to the production of innovative chemicals of the highest quality standards, there is also the “just-in time” delivery for customers. Therefore, reliable tools for internal processes and self-optimization are essential.

The Application Technology team realized that Excel was no help there to track and improve the delivery time. They used an Excel spread[1]sheet to display which work package was currently located where, but a target-actual comparison was not available. Furthermore, this sheet had to be updated manually daily

With a customized Jira report to success, Kristof Männel, the team lead for Application Technology, sought advice from the IT Management. They soon came up with the idea of using Report Builder from Actonic, an extremely versatile Jira app with numerous pre-built report templates to optimize their processes. The app alone was a tremendous help to the chemical companys team. However, BÜFA had a specific request to accurately visualize and track the desired date as well as the workload and goal of an order. It should be possible to precisely dis[1]play at which time an issue changes status and enters the completion phase.

The solution to the problem That’s when BÜFA contacted Actonic Report Building Service. Whenever customers have special requirements for report creation, they can turn to the Report Building Service

In this service, after a detailed requirements analysis, an individual report is created that is precisely the solution to their defined problem.

In a lively exchange, a requirements analysis took place and Actonic developed exactly the report that BÜFA wanted.

This is what the customized Jira report looks like BÜFA wanted a bar chart of delivery date accuracy that always updates automatically. A realistic end date of an issue is defined in the Jira ticket as a target value and compared with the actual value. If the implementation of an issue is faster than the realistic end date, the bar is displayed in green, if it takes longer, in red. What is also an absolute added value for BÜFA: When clicking on the bars, the team is directed to the linked Jira tickets. Using sample data from Actonic’s developer team, the Jira report looks like this:

This Jira report has been used at BÜFA for several months now. The team around Mr. Männel started with a target of 75 percent on-time delivery. And despite environmental resource deficiencies, the Application Technology team was able to raise the bar by quite a bit thanks to the process revolution provided by its Report Builder report. Now, 80 percent on-time delivery is considered the standard.

“Truly outstanding”: Report Building Service from Actonic “Truly outstanding,” says Mr. Männel about the solution Actonic‘s Report Building Service delivered him. “This report updates itself. We were able to throw the Excel spreadsheet overboard and all of our colleagues are happy.”

Daily updated data, transparent visualizations and the link to Jira issues are a “win win win” for the satisfied team. Now, capacities can be managed much better in comparison to the “out of the box” Jira reports alone (and we don’t even want to mention Excel at this point). The whole team benefits from the visual overview of the achieved performance. But also, the team lead sees an incredible benefit in the quick analysis.

Accelerate Success to Warp Speed with the Report Building Service A Jira report that can solve all your problems? Report Builder makes it possible. As you just read, thanks to the Report Building Ser[1]vice, specific customer requests can be tackled.

Actonic creates any imaginable report a customer wants and is not satisfied until the customer is pleased. Whatever your team is missing to reach for the stars in the Atlassian galaxy, Actonic will work with you to find the individual solution to your problem!