Process Management Suite for Confluence by Communardo

The digitization of business models and products is transforming the economy and companies at the speed of light! That’s why quickly adapting business processes (and their quality) to changing market trends and company requirements is critical.

This is where a wiki-based Quality Management Solution (QMS) comes into play. It provides a blueprint for establishing efficient, agile process management across the organization.

Legacy Documentation System Posed Galaxy-Sized Challenges However, setting up an integrated wiki-based QMS can be challenging. That’s exactly what Ines Masopust, the Quality Management Representative at the IT company Kiwigrid – faced. Not only did she have to establish a QMS, but the system also had to work with the existing communication and knowledge management tools. And prior to her search for the best solution, she had to handle everything – from channeling knowledge to managing the buildup of documentation liabilities – with paper! So, she searched high and low for a solution that could manage their process documentation. Her breakthrough came with Communardo’s Process Management Suite for Confluence.

Process Management Suite for Confluence brings process documentation to life with a wiki-based, ISO 9001:2015-compliant QMS that empowers teams to shape the processes they use to do their work. Guided workflows, process templates, feedback capturing, and clear audit trails enable a structured, collaborative approach to process documentation and management.

Meanwhile, meeting ISO 9001 requirements is a breeze as the solution effortlessly complies with the seven principles of QM. These include the integration of everyone involved in the processes, continuous improvement, and a high level of customer orientation.

The merging of Confluence’s powerful collaborative editing tools and the app’s process management capabilities enables an accessible and living QMS. Masopust found that getting started on processes is easy, since the app provides predefined blueprints for simplified creation of a process management system using global Metadata sets and fields. The ability to use and customize the existing process types, processes, and sub processes or creating new ones is especially useful for them. Multistage documentation reviews ensure that the quality of work is always maintained. Besides that, the solution automatically generates personalized dashboard for clearer responsibilities and coordinated work. The provided workspaces will support your process team in defining tasks to improve your process and in managing user feedback. As a result, all Kiwigrid’s employees can now collaborate on equal footing.

If a wiki system is already available and accepted in the company, this app is the best solution to set up a quality management system according to any standard.

“With Process Management for Confluence, we found the right solution for our integrated management system. It covers all our requirements of a non-producing company for such a system.”