Power BI Connector for Jira by Alpha Serve

Power BI Connector for Jira by Alpha Serve

Putting an astronaut in space requires flawless project management and execution. Every aspect of the launch, ranging from the astronaut‘s health to the structural integrity of the spacecraft to the weather conditions, must be fully accounted for. Similarly, a client of Alpha Serve, a technological research and consulting firm with over 5000 employees based in the United States, required an equal if not greater level of project management quality to operate successfully.

Even though the company is currently using Jira for project management, they were managing many projects that involve different departments with a large number of employees.

As a result, and considering the limitations in native Jira reporting, they struggled to keep track of complex project management and lacked custom reports to make sense of all the data generated.

The client addressed the Alpha Serve team with the following requests. Project leads were required to know how many tasks the team completed in each Sprint, the Project Manager to see how many team requests were managed by him, and the Project Administrator to track the status of each project across Jira.

The decision was made to analyze data using the advanced features of the Power BI analytical tool. However, for this solution to work, it required seamless data transfer between Power BI and Jira. After extensive market research and evaluation of all pros and cons, it was clear that a Jira/BI connector was needed.

In this case, the aptly named Power BI Connector for Jira was just what the doctor ordered. As a ready-to-use solution for effortless Jira Power BI integration, it provides a flexible approach to creating custom reports based on multiple data sources in minutes. In addition, it doesn’t require any technical skills to configure and implement.

With Power BI Connector for Jira by Alpha Serve, the team was able to track the progress during the Sprint and review the Sprint in retrospect. It also provided a comprehensive view of all the tasks associated with a sprint and their current status. For Alpha Serve’s client, Project management just got a lot simpler and more efficient!