Feature Bundle and Customer Details for JSM & Hubspot CRM Integration for Jira by Appsvio

Feature Bundle and Customer Details for JSM & Hubspot CRM Integration for Jira by Appsvio

To escape the clutches of gravity, every spacecraft requires tremendous propulsion from the boosters attached to it. Similarly, for your customer service to ascend to the next level, you need three “boosters”—supplementary apps to your Jira instance.

Booster #1: Customer & Organization Management for Jira Service Management

Customer Details collects additional data about customers and organizations on Jira Service Management. You can design a form specifying the exact kind of data to collect, which agents and customers can fill out on their own. No more stuck agents due to a lack of other information about the reporting incident. Many companies save time with it – and as we all know, time is money.

Customer & Organization Management is saving my clients precious time as they fill out our Service Desk forms. All of my clients have said they are very happy now that they don‘t have to fill out the same information each time they submit a ticket - Katherine from Compliance Systems.

Booster #2: Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management Delegation is key to effective project management, and it’s not limited to your customer service agents. You can now put requests in customers‘ hands, allow them to change their requests, and update them on your rules.

Feature Bundle for JSM Cloud allows us to easily modify fields from the user portal and by the user himself“ Rafael from Izertis

Communication is also essential. If your agents don’t receive clear orders, chaos is imminent. So, you should keep everybody well-informed and make sure they all receive important announcements. Feature Bundle has an expanded portal banners editor that allows you to do so – you can create many announcement banners and customize them as needed.

The announcement banner capability is good, since it allows the scheduling of announcements and much customization if an especially important announcement needs to be very prominent to get the service desk customers‘ attention.“ - Betsy from Appfire.

Booster #3: HubSpot CRM Integration for Jira The Hubspot CRM integration is the final way to boost your Jira Service Management . That way, your Jira based teams (support and DevOps) and HubSpot-based teams (marketing & sales) can collaborate even more tightly than before.

By embedding HubSpot data within the Jira issue, your team members no longer must alternate between tools. Instead, users can link issues with the HubSpot object, integrate the needed data, and still search for the issues they need with JQL. It supports custom fields as well, which keeps everyone up to date.

Using it will end up delivering massive value to our support staff leveraging Jira Service Desk“ – Kaiser from Eldermark