Exalate Jira Issue Sync by iDalko

Exalate Jira Issue Sync by iDalko

A lot of unexpected things can happen during your space travel across the Atlassian galaxy – and you might not always be ready for it. Some of your biggest obstacles may make you realize that your crews are working in silos and your spaceships’ technology doesn’t support your journey toward mission-critical goals.

Let’s say that you sent multiple ships on a quest to explore a foreign planet in the galaxy, but your crews encountered a problem upon arrival because they could not perform any critical action without approval from the mothership.

Requests being sent back and forth simply makes it impossible for your crews to operate effectively. Even worse, they can’t access information easily because data isn’t synchronized across your crews’ spaceships. How do you expect them to survive the mission?

Trouble in the Real-World Disintegrated systems and siloed teams are proving to be a common enemy to operational excellence.

Turkey’s biggest pension and life insurance company was in a similar situation. Despite being a leader in the industry, the company had a pretty disintegrated internal system which made it hard for them to operate; especially with nearly 3000 agencies. Firstly, they had a core system which was developed by a supplier. Secondly, they didn’t have in-house/SDSS software which forced them to use their supplier’s Jira instance. This was already limiting their capabilities and control over their own operations. More importantly, they couldn’t integrate data between teams seamlessly because the Jira wasn’t their own.

Blockers along the Way According to their information security officer, they also faced the following challenges:

• They had to rely heavily on their supplier for software development and improvement efforts.

• Modifying their supplier’s Jira to meet changing requirements was pretty much impossible.

• They were not able to store any archives of their tickets; if they needed to access ticket history, they had to issue a request to the supplier.

• Apart from the core system, they were also using CRM and web development tools which were not integrated.

• They did not have full control over their ticketing system or the sha[1]red data between all systems

Tackling All Blockers for Smooth Sailing The company knew they had to act fast. Because they had a niche use case, the team had a few goals in mind:

• Ability to synchronize their tickets between the systems

• Have control over how tickets were sent out and received

• Autonomous navigation over their tickets and their history

They considered developing their own in-house solution and were researching third party apps that could help resolve their issues.

Exalate was a top contender. The solution offers a seamless integration between Jira instances and other internal systems, so it just had to be tested out. Sure enough, the solution proved to be a great fit for the company. At the core of it all, Exalate allowed them to gain full control over the data that they share and how it’s shared. They were able to sync between their own core system and the supplier’s flexibly and autonomously.

Integration between multiple Jira instances and other internal systems were also established seamlessly. On top of that, the support system offered was very reliable.

“Flexibility along with autonomy is for sure the most outstanding feature in Exalate. We are integrating with our supplier’s Jira, and in the meantime, I can manage some internal tickets in the same project. It’s now our decision which ticket needs to be handled internally or should go out to our supplier. All we need to do is push a button. It’s amazing how flexible and easy it is to use Exalate.” Onuralp Öznalbant, Türkiye Sigorta IT Information Security Officer

More Feats than Expected Adopting Exalate not only solved the issues, but it also helped them be more productive and saved a lot of time since they no longer need to manage two siloed systems.

Now that all the Jira instances are well-integrated, data management has become significantly more efficient.

Looking at how Exalate has enabled them to be more digitally connected, they’re looking forward to leveraging the solution to help them integrate the different systems they use to manage and the pension and life insurance departments’ functions.

“It was very important for us to assess the solution’s flexibility to see if we could improve or develop a better sync with our supplier. Exalate met all our requirements and during the past four years, it has even been supporting us in many other ways. There have also been a lot of bugs and problems in the systems that were resolved thanks to the Exalate support.” Onuralp Öznalbant, Türkiye Sigorta IT Information Security Officer

Greater Missions Await While it’s key that you adopt different systems to support different teams’ needs, it’s also critical that you have autonomous control over them so that every department can work as a unit.

Ensuring that your systems are well-integrated is not always the easiest task, so it’s key that you choose the best solution to meet your requirements.

Start analyzing the silos in your organization today and get ahead of your blockers for smooth sailing across the Atlassian galaxy.