Epic Sum Up - Lean Project Management & Bulk Editing in Jira by APTIS GmbH

Adacel is a leading global architect of air traffic management and simulation & training solutions.  

They are a publicly traded company with customers worldwide. Their work on virtual reality and bringing it to Air Traffic Control training and simulations is nothing less than impressive. They have even developed AeroScene - a new Image Generator (IG) solution built on Epic Games powerful Unreal game rendering engine.  

Unfortunately, they face the daunting task of harnessing data from the Jira Cloud to create reports tailored to the needs of diverse roles within the company. 

Adacels’ Galactic Project Management Challenge  

Sonia Mina leads the team through the software development process. Her mission: to furnish program managers and executives with weekly status updates on projects and products as well as to meet projects' deadlines within established budgets.  

Yet, each role within the company wants a different view of the data. While program managers require more granular data, executives prefer a high-level overview. To accommodate these different needs, she needs to generate reports quickly and efficiently, especially if she is required to produce them more frequently.  

The process previously relied heavily on manual efforts, and only a few people were able to extract the necessary information from Jira. This created numerous bottlenecks, leading to prolonged periods without accurate and timely reports. Reports consumed significant time and effort, especially due to the constant evolution of the data.  

Fostering Galactic Harmony: Overcoming Challenges With Epic Sum Up 

Here, Epic Sum Up comes into play amidst the chaos.  

The Detail View Editor allowed Sonia to define the required data for export with columns and save the columns as layouts corresponding to certain roles within the company.  

 Then, getting the data in Excel is a matter of two clicks in the app. Also, saved layouts have made it convenient to quickly navigate between different data sets for different roles. 

 “With the streamlined reporting and easier data extraction provided by Epic Sum Up, we were able to save approximately two days per week for each team. This translates to potential time savings of up to 40%, allowing us to allocate more time and resources toward other critical tasks and objectives.” – Sonia Mina, Software Engineering Manager, Adacel 

Achieving a New Era of Productivity 

In the wake of Epic Sum Up's intervention, the landscape of Adacel's project management has undergone a profound transformation.  

Since Epic Sum Up seamlessly integrates into Jira's workflow, with a simple installation process and easy setup, they were able to start using it right away. Onboarding them was easy and the team was impressed. Sonia didn't lose time creating long manuals on how Epic Sum Up works. She just created 1 Confluence page in 15 minutes.  

 Generating reports, once an arduous mission, has become efficient. With Epic Sum Up seamlessly integrated into the cosmic fabric of Jira's workflow, Sonia and her team embark on a new era of productivity and enlightenment right away.