Enterprise Theme for Confluence by Bitvoodoo

Multiple brands and subsidiaries, tens of thousands of employees, and all the challenges that come with meeting their diverse needs. Today’s large, multinational enterprises can be just as complex as the Atlassian galaxy. Fortunately, the Atlassian ecosystem gives technical leaders plenty of tools for bringing it all together into one powerful collaboration platform.

Hotelplan Group is a large holding company for several international hotel brands, including Hotelplan Suisse, Hotelplan UK, bta first travel, bedfinder, and the Holiday Home Division with the brands Interhome and Interchalet. Like many multinational enterprises, Hotelplan Group was looking for a way to bring all its business units together on a central collaboration platform, while also providing the flexibility and tools each team needed to run its separate business unit.

Hotelplan Group was first introduced to the Atlassian ecosystem when the company integrated Interhome’s web development team into its IT department. Interhome had been using Confluence for corporate communications and documentation (linked to Jira and Bamboo). Subsequently, Hotelplan Group deployed Confluence across its business units.

Hotelplan Group needed a way to give a logical structure to Confluence, yet the company also wanted to provide its business units with a way to represent the brands their associated brands and customize Confluence to their needs. Interhome was already using the Enterprise Theme from bitvoodoo to meet these requirements, so Hotelplan Group decided to implement it across the company.

The Enterprise Theme app is designed to make it easy for businesses to build intranets around their corporate identity, customize navigation and layout, and easily deploy personalized dashboards with various macros for favorites, top stories, most liked articles and more.

“Enterprise Theme brought more structure to our Confluence, which made it much more user friendly,” commented Heini Kalt, CTO at Hotelplan Group. “The ability to customize branding and design gives us a lot more options in terms of how we structure Confluence. And with our new menus, users don’t have to worry about getting lost when they move through spaces, because there’s always an appropriate menu structure even when the branding has changed. Personally, one of the features I appreciate most is having a Favorites dashboard on my homepage. I use this about 90% of the time to navigate within Confluence.”

Enterprise Theme is one of many apps in the Atlassian Galaxy that helps businesses customize Confluence to their needs, increase productivity and collaboration, and unleash the full potential of their teams. Keep reading to discover other powerful solutions to common challenges.