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Chaos to clarity: NFON mastered dependencies with Easy Agile Programs 

As a leading cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) provider, a major challenge that NFON faces is managing dependencies across large development teams. During different projects, NFON can “have over 100 people working on designing and developing our services. This means we have around 14 to 15 teams with many dependencies, so we needed to find a way to manage this process better,” says Stefan Höhn, Agile Transition Leader, Solution Engineer and System Architect at NFON. 

The difficulty in visualizing dependencies was a major sticking point for Stefan and the business, and so, Stefan set about his quest through the app galaxy to find a solution … 

It wasn’t long before he landed on the other side of the planet with our friends down under, enter Easy Agile Programs. 

“Easy Agile Programs makes it so easy to manage the dependencies. It's not only about the visualization of the dependencies, but also creating them. These are actually two things I love most about the tool." 

Easy Agile Programs takes the complexity out of scaled planning and collaboration with a highly visual ‘team of teams’ tool seamlessly integrated with Jira. Easily unblock teams during execution with highly visual dependencies and scheduling conflicts. 

As a native app inside Jira, Easy Agile Programs enables you to create dependencies between two native Jira issues using Jira dependency links within the tool, and these are automatically reflected elsewhere in Jira in real time. 
When Stefan shared how Easy Agile Programs could visualize dependencies with his colleague, he then asked, "How do we go about fixing this? What do you think, how long would it take to actually untangle it?" 

His colleague suggested a week. 

"With Easy Agile Programs, it took us three minutes to fix our dependencies. And even that amazed us." 

Being able to see tasks in the correct sequence and not only understand if there would be any dependencies, but also address them, has saved time and improved the ability to plan reliably.