Dashboard Hub for Jira by Appfire

The governor of planet Jira9 has assigned you the role of sentinel. Your task is to protect the planet‘s inhabitants, ensuring their safety and security, while also responding to their e-queries and providing support where needed.

However, you soon realize that the sheer volume of data pouring in from the planet‘s billion-strong inhabitants is overwhelming, making it difficult to keep track of everything and respond in a timely manner. If only you had some sort of dashboard that could generate reports, streamline processes, and analyze data! That was the Dilemma that Success Solutions was in.

Success Solutions helps organizations improve the quality and efficiency of their HR processes by offering comprehensive technology solutions. As a partner of SAP SuccessFactors, Success Solutions implements consults and offers support and development for the SuccessFactors HCM Suite. They serve a wide range of customers across many industries including banking, insurance, automotive, and telco.

Erika Nemcokova heads the support team at Success Solutions and is responsible for ensuring her team handles tickets effectively and timely. Their team uses Jira Service Management to capture and service tickets from their customers. “Two of my primary needs from a support ticket tool is for my team to be able to view detailed ticket information easily and for our customers to have detailed reports of the SLA contracts,” said Nemcokova. Her team was facing two challenges.

First, with the out-of-the box customer portal in Jira Service Management, they could only see when a ticket was created, its topic, and the assignee. She quickly found she needed more flexibility and customization options for visualizing reports.

And second, if a customer wanted to track the progress of their open tickets, they had to contact the Success Solutions‘ support team and request a manually created export of the data, then send it by email. This took at least 3 hours to complete for each customer, which accounts for more than 150 hours per year.

Upon finding and installing Dashboard Hub, Success Solutions began to see their administrative work decrease. Nemcokova can build customized reports to display important data and easily share them with customers using Dashboard Hub, creating transparency, and reducing manual work for her team.“ Sharing reports with Dashboard Hub saved my team 39 hours of manual work per quarter, which is difficult to put a price tag on.”

Rather than rely solely on numbers and tables, Erika could now easily visualize her data through pie charts and bar charts. Her team could select and display any type of data they wanted and customize it to their required view.

“I can play with any type of information and display it in any type of pie chart and bar chart. It’s nice to build it the way you want it yourself.” Erika - Support Manager

Most importantly, customers could now access the information they needed and export it themselves. Erika could now share dashboard reports on the Customer Portal with a simple link, empowering customers to work with their own data according to their unique requirements.

Dashboard Hub solved the need for better visualization of complex data and customer transparency around their tickets, adding up to 150 hours saved per year of manual work and timely and responsive customer support.

If you‘re interested in creating and sharing custom dashboards and reports for support and service management in Jira like Success Solutions did, try Dashboard Hub for free today.