Admin Toolbox for Jira by Decadis

In the ever-changing Atlassian cosmos, everyone is always looking for a bigger and better ship and is upgrading their Server shuttles to bigger Data Center cruisers or sleek Cloud yachts. But no one wants to get slowed down by all the configuration debris they collected during their years of travel. 

 That’s why the admin team at a world market-leading manufacturer in prosthetic and comprehensive healthcare solutions for mobility aids decided to do some comprehensive housekeeping when they switched from Server to Data Center so that the instance could start the new journey without any legacy issues.  

 One of the biggest challenges was replacing an old custom-developed workflow app with the Data Center-certified professional solution Jira Workflow Toolbox—a daunting task for Jira admins. 

A New Dawn with Admin Toolbox for Jira 

Enter Admin Toolbox for Jira. The advanced search and improved filters seamlessly integrated into nearly all configuration item pages made navigating the complex Jira administration a breeze for the admins.  

Added drag-and-drop-sorting let them bring new order to statuses and resolutions and the simple bulk delete feature made unused custom fields or inactive schemes disappear in a blink. 

 But the elephant in the cargo hold was the workflows and the old workflow app they wanted to 

replace. Luckily, workflow management is where Admin Toolbox offers the most tools and 


 The workflow report let them easily identify all workflows that used some functionality of the old app. In addition, after building a replacement solution with JWT in one workflow, the new copy and sorting features in the workflow editor let them efficiently transfer these solutions to other workflows without the danger of manual errors. 

Beyond the Jira Migration Horizon 

But here’s the thing - while Admin Toolbox was especially useful for the Data Center migration-inspired housekeeping round, it will continue to accompany the admin team. 

 It will help keep their Jira ship tidy and consistent and will save their time (and nerves) whenever they have to make any configuration changes - whether it is cleaning up something old or building something new. 

 “There is so much time we are saving by using this tool. The functionality is absolutely awesome. This is what we have missed in Jira Standard. We would recommend this tool to any administrator!” – Jira Adminstrator at the Prosthetic & Healthcare Company.