Workation in Tenerife: Uniting Work and Adventure

Last year, Amelie took advantage of our Global Office Option, relocating her workspace to Tenerife for a few weeks. Read for yourself what she has to say about this time...

Co-Living & Co-Working: Working under Palm Trees

A few months ago, I thought, "Why not take advantage of the flexibility my job offers and leave the home office?" After some research and organization, I finally decided to work from Tenerife for six weeks.

The most frequently asked question from my colleagues during my time in Tenerife, aside from "Where are you right now?" was, "And where do you stay? In an apartment or Airbnb?" The answer was: No, in a Co-Living & Co-Working Space. It's a place where people from all over the world come together to live and work. A fantastic experience, in my opinion.

My moments of insight from this time, I would like to share today...

Work-life balance is different abroad. After the workday, it feels like a whole new day begins. I engaged in so many activities here after work that I would never do in Germany.

Co-living & co-working gives me the benefits of working from home, but there are still people around you who are also working, so you can motivate each other. I've noticed that I can work super productively and stay focused here.

The exchange with my roommates, who come from various countries and work in different industries, was very inspiring and gave me diverse insights into working methods and cultures that I would never have gotten in the home office.

Weekends felt truly refreshing. There were so many Sundays when I said to my roommates, "I feel so rejuvenated, as if I've been on vacation for a week." This also led to me looking forward to work on Mondays.

My time in Tenerife was not just a fantastic change from the home office but also a wonderful experience and a period of recharging energy despite work. I am confident that this was not my last co-living and co-working experience, and I look forward to whatever comes next.

A big thank you goes, of course, to Dr. Paul Kruse and Communardo. Thank you for the opportunity to truly embrace hybrid working!