How TomTom Took their Jira Service Management to the Next Level

As technology is evolving at such a dizzying pace, businesses are rapidly adopting it to streamline their team’s workflow processes. Automation can undoubtedly empower employees and, freeing them of their most mundane and time-consuming tasks. That’s why every business, small or large, is leveraging the limitless capabilities of digitalization. 

Project management tools such as Jira provide workflow automation. Deep integrations between Jira and other productivity apps enable tailoring workflows for almost any scenario. Consequently, businesses can establish standardized processes such as human resources and customer service requests management.  

To meet their unique business needs and accelerate productivity, teams must customize the default Jira workflows with great apps. At Communardo, we have developed User Profiles for Jira. This app gives you powerful new capabilities to improve Jira workflows and maximize productivity and efficiency.  

But, how can you create an awesome automated workflow with User Profiles for Jira? Keep reading to find out the best practices on how to accelerate collaboration and make life easier for your employees. 

Automate request management with User Profile for Jira

Giving the workforce the right tools to deliver exceptional customer service is an excellent way to improve customer lifetime value. This is especially required by large companies such as TomTom which operate globally and love to improve productivity and efficiency of customer service.  

The question now arises: How to handle a lot of IT and HR customer service requests coming together from all corners of the globe? 

Michiel from TomTom, was facing the challenge of finding a solution to retrieve the location of users in Jira and assign these Jira issues to the corresponding queue. To solve that issue, he has been searching for a solution expanding solutions in Jira. That’s where Communardo’s User Profiles for Jira came into play.   

Implementing an automated workflow was quite essential for TomTom. Integration between Jira and the Script Runner for Jira app allowed the Jira Admin to set up a job escalation service and a JQL query based on user profile fields. This additional information displayed via the hover panel has accelerated the management of customer service requests. Consequently, by retrieving the location on user profile fields, it is easier to assign issues to the corresponding queue in Jira Service Management. 

Furthermore, the human resources department is also relying on the reporter’s location attributes for the service management project they use. By creating a direct JQL-query for this custom field, this work process becomes easier for the human resources employees. This way, when employees create a request to Human Resources Department, the information captured in the reporter’s location custom field is used to assign issues to the corresponding queue that handles requests for that location specifically.  

Recently, our customer is preparing to switch to Azure AD as the main user directory. By removing LDAP completely, they are looking for Azure AD Sync support. 
Considering this and similar requirements from customers moving to the cloud and breaking LDAP Sync, our partner re:solution GmbH  developed an integration with their apps SAML SSO for Jira and  Users Provisioning Sync & Groups Sync for Jira (for short, User Sync). 
With User Sync and SAML SSO, Jira admins can synchronize users from cloud directories like Microsoft Azure AD into the Jira local directory. The integration with User Profiles for Jira augments the impact of this synchronization. Thanks to it, customers can truly unleash the potential of Jira workflows in their digital workspace. 

Reach the full potential of Jira 

Nowadays, teams tackle more than they can handle. Improving workflow efficiencies will help your team complete more work in less time and accelerate productivity.  

Through powerful solutions, such as User Profiles for Jira, businesses can reach the full potential of Jira and make their work processes more efficient. By completing your workflow with essential information for Jira users, employees will not struggle with time-consuming menial tasks. This way, they will find more time to think big and focus on more interesting tasks.