Women in Agile Conference

What would four Product Owners and two Scrum Masters do if they wanted to refine their skills and expand their understanding in product development, professional growth, diversity, and inclusion? If your guessing they would attend the Woman in Agile Europe conference, you would be right! This led us to Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

women in agile conferenec

What were we hoping to gain from the Women in Agile Europe Conference? Let's see: 

  • Networking: Connect with women in similar agile roles & foster collaboration.

  • Skill Development: Gain insights into agile best practices and attend workshops.

  • Community Engagement: Engage with the growing community of women in agile.

  • Empowerment: Find inspiration and contribute to a supportive environment.
  • Diversity Advocacy: Understand and support aspects of diversity and inclusion within the agile community.

  • Challenges Awareness: Learn about and address unique challenges faced by women in agile roles.

  • Personal and Team Growth: Strengthen our team bond  (After all, we're a distributed team).

  • Organizational Impact: Bring back new ideas to improve our processes.

So - did we get what we hoped for?

agile conference

As we hoped for, there were some sessions that were outstanding. In this respect, I would like to specifically mention the opening keynote Bringing humanity back in the workplace by Gitte Klitgaard and Shaping the Future of Women in Product Management: Building a Career Planning Roadmap by Faye Thompson. But of course, there were many more worth listening to or discussing, such as how to deal with introversion, extraversion, and ambiversion in a working environment, or trying out a method for making inclusive group decisions. So - we gained a lot of insights and best practices.

And yes, we also managed to connect with "agile" women, the community and were able to discuss about diversity. We found Inspiration - and brought back new ideas!

Last but not least, we were able to spend a lot of time socializing together and had a lot of fun - and that was definitely worth it!