User Profiles for Confluence: Your Seamless Cloud Migration Journey

Migrating marketplace app data from server/data center to the cloud demands a seamless and automated process. Our commitment to a user-centric experience is evident in the essential guide we've prepared for effortlessly migrating User Profiles for Confluence! This ensures a streamlined transfer, minimizing complexity and potential errors for an efficient and resource-effective transition.

Effortless Macro Migration: Simplifying Your User Profiles for Confluence Transition

In the migration process and preparation, our focus lies on ensuring a smooth transition for your User Profiles for Confluence macros. Currently, only the most crucial macros are prepared for migration, with ongoing efforts to broaden compatibility. Access the User Profiles Configuration, navigate to "Cloud Migration," select migration spaces, and effortlessly kick off the preparation process with a secure CSV file. Rest assured, your uploaded data remains exclusive and secure. Explore detailed macro migration guidance in our documentation, completing the process using the Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistant.

Seamless Cloud Transition: Secure and Streamlined with User Profiles for Confluence

In summary, the journey to migrate User Profiles for Confluence to the cloud has never been more seamless. For detailed guidance, our documentation provides step-by-step instructions, complemented by the Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistant. As you embark on this streamlined transition, we appreciate your trust in our solution, paving the way for a future-ready Confluence experience in the cloud. Thank you for choosing User Profiles for Confluence on this transformative journey.