Power Up your Jira by Applying the Manager Attribute Effectively

Organizations are struggling with setting up a proper approval process in Jira that can lead to accelerated productivity and efficiency. By embracing digitization, they are actively looking to automate these processes and optimize their work. 

However, some challenges may arise. For example, when a work process requires approval from a manager or director, users get stuck and cannot move to the next step. In that case, it is a must to add an approval step to your workflow.

You need to find and apply additional user-related information easily – with the manager attribute being one of the most relevant data you can use in your Jira and Jira Service Management projects.

Freshly, with User Profiles for Jira Cloud, users can take advantage of a new User Picker field. Unlike the previous custom field (the Manager attribute as a Text Field), users will experience improved behavior by displaying information on issues and utilizing this attribute for planning and reporting. Most importantly, User Profiles for Jira Cloud now also opens up some new possibilities when it comes to defining workflows and using Jira Automation.

Optimizing User Profiles is Easy

Out-of-box Confluence/Jira profiles are a good start to improve collaboration. Take it a step further with the recommendations above by personalizing your profiles, automating profile updates, and improving the visibility of your user profiles. You can easily accomplish these tasks by using tools like User Profiles for Confluence and User Profiles for Jira. If you’re ready to level up your user profiles on Confluence and/or Jira, click on the links below to get started! 

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Approval Handling

Furthermore, User Profiles for Jira Cloud app allows you to select the synchronized manager custom field. So, you can use it as a source for the approver and set up an approval stage in your workflow. Consequently, users can have their work processes approved by the manager before it can formally begin or move to the next step.

Filtering and reporting

In addition, User Profiles for Jira Cloud gives you powerful new capabilities by adding rich data to your issues and extending filtering options when performing issue searches. Therefore, you can evaluate important and interesting data of a team based on the manager attribute and get insights from or in reports, search queries, or dashboards.

Automations keep the lights on. Having solutions to empower teams to engage authentically is one of the primary features of a cloud-based team workspace. The best is by bringing people together to problem solve or by creating a project environment where all the necessary information is available and can be used to drive efficiency in an automated way

Keep your Jira up to date and include all relevant parties as needed by leveraging User Profiles for Jira in Cloud!

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Klaida Sulko
24. April 2023