New Year, New Us, Open Our Metadata Surprise Box for You

The holiday season has brought joy and innovation for all Metadata for Confluence customers, courtesy of Santa's generous gifts in the form of exciting updates. There's something special for everyone in the latest release.

For Cloud Customers: Metadata for Confluence Cloud 1.1.21-AC is full of surprises

For our Cloud customers, we present one of our most significant releases yet—Metadata for Confluence Cloud 1.1.21-AC. Let's unwrap the presents inside:

  • Customizable Metadata Report Macro: Users can now configure the Metadata fields (columns) to be displayed in the Metadata Report macro. This empowers users to tailor their Confluence experience, ensuring they see the information most relevant to them.
  • Dark Mode Support: Embrace the sleek and modern look as Metadata for Confluence Cloud now supports Atlassian's Cloud themes. Simply follow the instructions below to switch to the cool dark theme!
  • Template Configuration with Display Metadata Macro: Thanks to valuable customer feedback, admins can now configure the Display Metadata macro within templates. allowing the users to save some time and energy from configuring it repeatedly when utilizing the templates! We especially appreciate the feedback and if you would like to have a say in our products, please feel free to provide your feedback here.
  • User-Friendly Enhancements: Numerous small improvements and optimizations have been implemented to make the app more user-friendly. From streamlined workflows to enhanced navigation, these tweaks significantly contribute to an improved user experience.

Ready to unlock the full surprises Metadata for Confluence has brought? Start your one month free trial with us!