Goodbye Atlassian Server

What happens with server apps after February 15?

With Atlassian discontinuing its server product line on February 2, 2024, you (still) might be wondering what exactly is going to happen with your apps on that day.
In this post, we'll sum up the most important points and give you an outlook on Communardo apps specifically.

D-Day: February 2, 2024

Atlassian has consistently pursued a cloud-first strategy for many years. New functions and improvements are released in the cloud first. In some cases, major innovations were no longer made available for the server products. On November 16, 2020, Atlassian announced the next logical step: the consolidation of the license offering and the concentration on the two platforms Atlassian Cloud and Data Center. On February 2, 2021, the sale of server licenses ended and from February 2, 2024, support for server products will be discontinued.

So what are your options to go from here?

What's happening with Communardo Server apps?

As we have been following Atlassian's trend towards the cloud for years, our main products are already available in Data Center and Cloud. All Server customers can continue to work with their product licenses until February 2024.

From then onward the following products will stop working as the licences are expiring:

  • SharePoint Connector for Confluence - It's possible to add the macro to the page and connect a file or list. It is not possible to see the file or list though, neither in the edit view nor in the page view.
  • User Profiles for Confluence - Without a valid license, the user profiles show the message “Plugin is not licensed” instead of the user profile data.
  • User Profiles for Jira - Without a valid license, the user profiles show the message “Plugin is not licensed” instead of the user profile data.
  • SubSpace Navigation for Confluence - The message "No valid license available for the Navigation Add-On" will appear. 
  • Accessibility for Confluence - The message "The license of add-on is invalid" will appear. 
  • Categories for Bitbucket - No message is shown. The categories are not shown anymore if the app is unlicensed. 

Metadata for Confluence and the Process Management Suite for Confluence will still be working with limited functionality:
As for Metadata for Confluence, will won't be able to add new fields or sets in the configuration. Users can still see macro content and add new macros though.

With the Process Management Suite, the message "No valid license available" will appear for the initialize and restore process as well as when you try to create a new process, when configuring metadata or for utilizing macros such as displaying a process owner.

Please contact us individually if you have a question about a specific app. To check out our apps, please take a look at the Atlassian Marketplace.

The situation brings many challenges that you do not have to overcome alone.

We are happy to assist you!

Franziska Wende, Team Leader Product Marketing

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Franziska Wende
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