Elevating Team Collaboration: Introducing the Latest User Profiles for Confluence Cloud Update

In today's fast-paced business environment, where connectivity is synonymous with productivity, organizations are constantly seeking ways to foster well-connected teams. According to McKinsey, teams with robust connections experience a remarkable 20-25% increase in productivity. In response to the ongoing call for seamless collaboration, we have improved the Profile  Contact Macro to provide you with an enhanced product designed to foster connectivity and elevate productivity in the workplace.


Introducing the Enhanced Contact Macro

profile contact macro

Central to this update is the revamped contact macro, allowing users to tailor the content displayed on their profile cards. In addition to existing attributes such as email, telephone number, Teams chat, and status, three new attributes - Position, Department, and Location - have been added to provide a comprehensive overview of each team member. 

Unlocking Potential with User Profiles for Confluence Cloud

1. Comprehensive Insights into Team Members

With the inclusion of Position, Department, and Location attributes, teams can effortlessly capture and access additional information about their colleagues. This integration promotes transparency and facilitates collaboration by providing insights into roles, responsibilities, and locations.

2. Streamlined Connectivity for Effective Collaboration

The enhanced contact macro facilitates improved connectivity with individuals possessing expertise in specific topics. Understanding the positions and departments of colleagues empowers users to quickly identify and connect with those who can offer valuable insights, fostering enhanced collaboration and problem-solving within the team.

3. Increased Workplace Productivity

The primary goal of fostering connectivity is to boost productivity within the workplace team. The ability to connect with the right individuals quickly and efficiently is a game-changer for achieving collective goals.

Reinforcing the Value of Well-Connected and Engaged Teams

In a world where disengaged employees lead to an $8.8 trillion loss in productivity, User Profiles for Confluence Cloud is here to address this, providing benefits tailored to the needs of the modern workplace.