Boost Productivity with Our Newest Cloud App: SharePoint Connector for Jira

Don’t let outdated information slow down work processes and frustrate your employees on a daily basis… Embrace effective collaboration tools to keep all users on the same page! It’s time to break free from information silos – with the integration of Jira issues with SharePoint and OneDrive in Office 365 today!

Undoubtedly, Jira is a powerful work management tool with great flexibility and usability. SharePoint, on the other hand, provides a centralized location for document management. It is usually described as a Swiss army knife of collaboration that can be turned into anything you want.

Isn’t it ironic that users have to upload, download, edit, and re-upload files in Jira to avoid information silos? This is one “problem state” of the collaboration today! 

How do we bridge the gap between these robust platforms and keep everyone on the same page?

As always, the sky is the limit for the Communardo team! Freshly, we have come up with an efficient solution to this problem. SharePoint Connector for Jira is now live, and you can now easily integrate Jira issues with SharePoint and OneDrive in Office 365! It allows users to access SharePoint documents directly from Jira, eliminating the confusion and tedious cycle of downloading, editing, and uploading files. This obviously streamlines workflows and reduces duplicate content.

Easily insert documents located in SharePoint Online and OneDrive into Jira!

Strengthen teamwork by making your collaboration platforms work with one another. Start using SharePoint Connector for Jira and:

  • Easily insert documents located in SharePoint Online and OneDrive into Jira. You can find your digital needle in the haystack using extensive file filtering options and search. Furthermore, you can see all attached documents in your Jira issues and customize your view with card or list options.
  • With SharePoint Connector for Jira, you can edit in one click and gain peace of mind knowing your files are always up to date. No more need to upload, download, tediously edit and re-upload files. 
  • Last but not least, Your security is our top priority. Our seamless Jira and SharePoint integration occurs entirely within the browser, ensuring your data remains safe and secure. We are committed to protecting your privacy and have the ISO27k and ISO9k1 certifications. We will never collect or store any unnecessary end-user data. 

Giving the workforce the tools and information they need to process work properly is an excellent way to improve productivity and efficiency in distributed teams. Leverage SharePoint Connector for Jira now! Let us give you more time to focus on the important stuff. Edit, connect, and disconnect files effortlessly not to waste time on mundane tasks – we help you work smarter, not harder.

Try it now!

Klaida Sulko
24. April 2023