Atlassian Team 23 Recap – ‘Impossible alone. Possible together.’

Last week was a busy few days for Atlassian customers, Solution Partners, and Marketplace Vendors: The Atlassian Team 23 took place in the world’s entertainment capital Las Vegas.

Between the slot machines, fountains, and fluorescent lights of the bustling city, Atlassian set the stage for the ecosystem to get together and really experience the theme of the event: ‘Impossible alone. Possible together’. And so all attendees joined in grand keynotes, training sessions, and presentations, while also enjoying a freshly brewed coffee at the coffee bar, relaxing the mind, and contributing to a mosaic on a huge Lego wall (where we left our mark as well  ) or getting to know the latest solutions and apps the Marketplace vendors had to offer at their booths.

It was exciting to meet Atlassian enthusiasts from all over the world, exchange ideas and hear the latest news all around the Atlassian ecosystem. Don’t worry if you have missed out on the actual live experience, we have wrapped up these eventful days for you.  

Monday – Seibert Media Partner Infosession

The first day’s highlight was the Seibert Media Partner InfoSession, which was very well attended with around 250 visitors. As a creative warm-up, our team created small Lego avatars (including a Communardo superhero cape) and had a lot of fun right from the start.

The event began with a Q&A session by Martin Seibert and Anu Bharadwaj, the new president of Atlassian. The interview was exciting and gave an insight into the role Anu Bharadwaj will play at Atlassian in the future. It was also very inspiring to hear that Atlassian makes sure that 50% of the time is not used for “hard work” but for social exchange during face-to-face meetings with employees. In this way, each team creates the foundation for good cooperation.

This was followed by the sessions of various Marketplace vendors, including the presentation by our colleague David Toussaint on the SharePoint Connector for Confluence. The talk also brought some Atlassian enthusiasts to our booth 19 to exchange insights later on the second day.

Tuesday – Partner Accelerate and Expo opening

Atlassian Team 23 opened its doors after a hearty breakfast of the partners and ACE leaders. The team was particularly looking forward to the first keynote at the Atlassian Team 23 with Scott Stratten, who caused some laughs in the audience with his funny yet precise manner as well as his generational comparisons between boomers and Generation Z. This was followed by the presentation of the Partner Awards for Solution and Marketplace Partners as well as the Partner Sessions on the topics of the Atlassian ecosystem, marketing best practices, and the latest developments within the Atlassian platforms. Here, a colorful bouquet of exciting lectures was offered.

The rest of the day split up into three different events:


In the afternoon, the Expo floor opened for a first-timer happy hour, followed right after by the official Expo opening. Well into the evening, there were many great conversations with partners and the first customers. Especially our raffle, a Saturn V Lego rocket, was very well received and provided a well-filled lottery pot after three days.

Atlassian Community Leader Day

Part of our team attended the Atlassian Community Leader Day. This time it was all about team shaping. There were four defined topics, which were communicated to the participants in short impulses. Subsequently, they were able to deepen the topics at a table and thus work out concrete characteristics. Overall, a cool format where every opinion was valuable.

Adaptavist App Day

The remaining Communards gathered at Adaptavist Day. As one of 16 sponsors, it was primarily about the joint exchange at small games. One of the highlights has been the 5-minute mic drops per sponsor. What did we do to grab the audience’s attention? We created an app personality test that you could use to find out your soulmate app. You would like to find out as well?

Check out what’s YOUR app here.

Wednesday and Thursday – Keynotes, Sessions, and Expo

Wednesday and Thursday – the days the main events took place – were filled with keynotes, expo time, and lots of news.

Now let’s tune in to our highlights of Atlassian’s product launches and what we were inspired by:

  • Atlassian Intelligence does a lot more than just provide chatbot management, you can connect and suggest based on keywords, with the AI, it answers your questions directly with the content accordingly without simply copying the page. We are also looking forward to seeing how it works in detail and what impact it will bring to the Atlassian ecosystem.
  • What we have also found interesting were these conference features, where the transcription happens automatically. Furthermore, the whole conference can be summarized while providing variable possibilities of answers.
  • As regular Confluence users, we have already benefited a lot from the cloud version. With the new Confluence Whiteboard, we can improve collaboration even more. You can find external links or documents right on the board and your visualizations. This tool tackles collaboration challenges as you are not only building up processes but also displaying them visually.

See for yourself what all the announcements are about as you can enjoy the digital experience on-demand on the Atlassian Team 23 homepage:

Atlassian Team 23 sessions on-demand

Another highlight for our Communardo Team at the expo was drawing a winner for our raffle. After picking the number for the winner of one of our Communardo backpacks, we happily announced the lucky one taking home the Saturn V Lego rocket: DeAnna, who is funny enough, a Lego Artist herself.

Three eventful days were full of innovation and inspiration and we enjoyed them to the fullest. These few days passed so quickly, and already miss the atmosphere of Team 23.

We are looking forward to Atlassian Team 24 and getting to meet everyone in person once again!