SubSpace Navigation for Confluence

Easily navigate your wiki.

The simple way to organize and navigate Confluence.

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easy navigation

Navigation made easy

Quickly arrange all of your wiki content—spaces, pages, folders and more—into a centralized navigation menu.

Your personalized Confluence navigation

Create your personalized navigation with the use of CQL, metadata and additional user profile data and enable users to get the content that’s really relevant to them.

confluence navigation
enable navigation in pages

Enable navigation in pages

A simple macro makes it easy to embed overviews of menus within pages or blog posts.

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Real Reviews on the Atlassian Marketplace
customer review

Great App! It helps us to get a better structure on big spaces. Really good and friendly support.

by syracom AG

customer review

In our process of internal migration to the Data Center, I have asked Communardo for different licenses, and the process in terms of quality and speed has been perfect. Thank you.

by Roberto Vidal 

customer review

Really enjoy SubSpace, the features and support are great!

by Del Jensen

Get an organized wiki today with SubSpace Navigation for Confluence.

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