Top 13 Collaboration Add-ins for SharePoint and Teams

Read on and learn about some of the most helpful add-ins to personalize your SharePoint and Teams to further improve collaboration in your organization.

Office 365 is a popular digital workplace solution for enterprises, especially with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams for collaboration.

Yet, even within the Office 365 ecosystem, teams and individuals often have their own tool preference, such as OneNote and PowerPoint, which can impede collaboration between teams. That’s where add-ins come in. From communication to ideation, you can easily extend the capabilities of your Office 365 to accommodate your needs. 

While each team has their purpose-tools, they aren’t always ideal solutions for collaboration.

We’ve narrowed down 13 add-ins for SharePoint and Teams to foster collaboration within your organization.

Collaboration Add-ins for SharePoint

1. Space Navigator for Office 365

Is your SharePoint overloaded with team and project sites? 

It may be time-consuming and troublesome to find the right information in the seas of spaces. In fact, fifty-six percent of employees find it disruptive to their productivity.

Luckily, our Space Navigator for Office 365 add-in consolidates all your spaces in a single dashboard. With a personalized workspace, you can access your go-to tools with ease. Thus, finding the right information is now faster.

The add-in lets you organize your workspace by metadata. With this feature you can filter and search across your workspaces by department, location, or contact person.

A key benefit of Space Navigator for Office 365 is that it allows you to connect both your Office 365 and Jira and Confluence workspaces. That way, you can easily navigate both solutions.

The pinned spaces feature of the add-in gives you instant access to your favorite digital spaces for even faster access. Now you can jump into work without the frustrations of constant app switching

Get Space Navigator for Office 365 here!

2. SharePoint Connector for Confluence


Your SharePoint intranet plays a critical role in facilitating communication and information sharing among teams. 

The document management capabilities of SharePoint help organizations like yours maintain a robust knowledge base, making it easy for anyone to find information. It’s also common for teams to use a separate app like Confluence for content creation. 

For instance, your sales team uses SharePoint to create pitch decks while your developers create wiki pages containing release notes on Confluence. However, having multiple sources of information may lead to misalignment between teams. 

Breaking this information silo starts with breaking down the wall between disparate knowledge-sharing platforms. That’s why we created SharePoint Connector for Confluence. 

The connector synchronizes both ways. For example, you can easily embed a SharePoint presentation into a Confluence wiki and edit it directly from Confluence. Changes made will be automatically synced on your SharePoint file. Similarly, the connector enables you to add a Confluence wiki to your SharePoint page for borderless content collaboration.

With this integration, your team will reap the benefits of both platforms.

Try the SharePoint Connector for Confluence for free!

3. @Productivity Dashboard


As mentioned earlier, the sheer number of apps we use can turn our digital workplace into chaos. And when you throw app notifications into the mix, it can be even more challenging to keep up with work.

Missing a notification creates potential blockages in collaboration. For instance, your teammate may be waiting for your email confirmation via Outlook before proceeding with making changes on a PowerPoint deck.

To avoid this from happening, the @Productivity Dashboard provides you with an overview of your tools and real-time notifications

That way, you won’t miss important notifications and can take immediate action from a single dashboard. 

The most valuable benefit of this add-in is the visibility of updates. To foster better collaboration, @Productivity Dashboard enables you to assign and give feedback to your teams’ projects.

With your essential tools and notifications available on a single dashboard, you’ll be able to manage notifications and ensure that you don’t miss important action items that will hold your teams up.

4. Saketa Idea Board


Great innovations stem from great ideas. In contrast, ideas that go unnoticed can translate into missed opportunities.

The Saketa Idea Board captures your teams’ ideas for almost any business purpose. Your team can share their inputs and virtually engage in brainstorming.This plug-and-play add-in makes sharing ideas more transparent

This idea management platform gives you easy access to breakthrough ideas for execution.

For convenient retrieval, employees can tag their ideas to filter through idea boxes.

5. K2 Five for SharePoint

k2 five

Workflows are the blueprint for successful project execution. Having them in place gives you transparency over your next steps and required resources.

However, SharePoint is limited in terms of workflow management. That’s where K2 Five really shines. 

The K2 Five integration for SharePoint lets you configure common workflow scenarios using your SharePoint applications. These applications include forms, data, and reports.

Its point-and-click interface gives an intuitive approach to building and automating workflows. It’s also capable of handling a wide range of processes. From simple lead-generation workflows to more complex ones that require compliance. 

The key benefit of this add-in is the ability to integrate SharePoint to other platforms such as SAP Ariba and Salesforce. 

6. Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint

Kanban Task Manager

You may be using SharePoint’s task management capabilities for your projects. But, if you need to visualize project progress, the basic project management features of SharePoint may not be sufficient.

The Kanban Task Manager for SharePoint incorporates features of a Kanban board into your SharePoint intranet. 

It replicates your internal workflow on the Kanban swimlanes, which you can easily customize based on project needs. 

When you have visibility of your teams’ activities, bottlenecks can be identified and fixed. That way, you’ll be aware of any collaboration impediments.

This add-in is perfect if you’re managing multiple projects. Different color codes distinguish one project from another, making it convenient to gain an overview of each project’s progress.

7. People Finder

people finder

Communication plays a big role in collaboration.

If you’re in a large organization, you might be collaborating with dozens of other employees. Some of whom you may be getting in touch with for the first time.  

While SharePoint’s employee directory provides you with basic contact information, it doesn’t have a thorough filtering feature.

The People Finder tool does exactly what its name suggests. It acts as your company’s employee directory, so you can effortlessly connect and collaborate with the right people.

The intuitive filter lets you narrow down contacts based on job title, department, or location. Through this filter, you can easily find the right person to connect with, even if you don’t remember  their names.

Each contact is also displayed in alphabetical order. To aid with faster collaboration, the contact display includes quick links to communicate via Skype, phone calls, and email.

8. FAQ


With so many document management solutions available, it can be inefficient to find the right information. Over fifty-six percent of employees find searching for information from different solutions disruptive.

For instance, your new hires may seek HR-related information as part of their onboarding. With many systems for them to learn, they may not know the right place to find the right information.

The FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions app allows you to display commonly asked questions on your SharePoint site. 

Through this solution, you can create a single resource for your employees. That way, your employees will be able to quickly access information for their collaboration needs.

Collaboration Add-ins for Teams

9. Zoom for Teams

ZOOM for Teams

Chances are, you’ve been using Microsoft Teams to stay connected within your organization. But, there might be occasions where you’ll need to get in touch with external parties.

For instance, a guest vendor or strategic partner for your next campaign. 

You can have guests via your Teams conferencing. However, the process is not straightforward. Your Office 365 administrator will need to add the guest to your team. Additionally, your admin will have to adjust the guest’s access to files and channels.

This can impede your team from immediately collaborating with that guest. If it’s a time-sensitive project, it’s definitely not an ideal scenario.

That’s why the Zoom integration on Teams is a handy tool to have. It’s simple interface allows you to invite external guests by sharing a Zoom link and meeting ID.

Through this integration, you can stay connected with the right individuals without leaving Teams. Simply toggle your Zoom Meetings tab or @mention from your preferred channel.

10. TeamsChamp


Unused enterprise solutions result in wasted investment. 

Introducing a new digital tool to your employees may take time. Some employees may be resistant to it. Others may prefer a different tool.

TeamsChamp implements gamification to facilitate solution adoption. That way, your team will be encouraged to learn and adopt solutions in a collaborative manner.

This add-in is suitable if you’re considering installing more Office 365 tools. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your employees: 

  • Your employees will adopt the new solution in a fun way.
  • Your investment in the new solution won’t be wasted.

11. Task in a Box for Teams


A lot of collaboration efforts happen through meetings. Once meetings are conducted, it’s time to put plans into action.

However, given the number of meetings your organization may have, it can be challenging to keep up with the corresponding next steps.

Luckily, Task in a Box for Teams acts as a meeting management hub. Through this add-in, you can collaborate on meeting agendas and set clear expectations

Once you’ve completed your meeting, this solution allows you to note down the action items and assign owners

With all meeting information consolidated in a single add-in, your employees will be clear on the next steps they need to take.



Decision making is part and parcel of any business. But on certain occasions, making decisions may require time-consuming discussions. makes decision making a faster and more transparent process. 

To kickstart a discussion, you first need to set a due date for decision making. Setting a deadline is important to not prolong discussions. 

Next, involve your team in contributing possible answers. They will also need to assess the pros and cons of each option. 

Then, the integration will score and organize the answers to point you towards the right decision.



A lot of ideas stem from collaborative efforts. However, translating complex ideas into comprehensible bits of information isn’t easy.

Here’s where illustrating your ideas will come in handy. MURAL enables you to collaborate visually

It provides over 100 templated diagrams that let teams collaborate in real-time. From design sprint mindmaps to SWOT analysis grids, your team can access the right template for their collaboration needs.

This tool is accessible as a custom tab in Teams

So the next time you have a light bulb idea, don’t waste your time describing it in multiple paragraphs. Instead, illustrate it with MURAL. 

Concluding Thoughts

Thanks to add-ins, collaboration is achievable without teams being physically together.

Integrating them into SharePoint or Teams is simple. Visit AppSource to explore a robust list of add-ins tailored to your productivity needs and industry. 

To acquire them, enter your email address associated with your Microsoft account. While there’s a number of free add-ins, some may require in-app purchases. But, you can test their suitability with free trials before investing in them.

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