Protecting your data effectively

Data Security

At Communardo, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of data security. Protecting your data is the top priority for us. To respond to the new threats and risks proactively, we adhere to security and privacy standards from end to end. By implementing a robust security strategy, the data will be kept secure and safe. Consequently, customers will leverage the power of Communardo apps without sacrificing security and privacy.

data security

Data Security

We take all precautions to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of your data. By detecting any security breaches in advance, we strive to provide you with a high level of security on your intranet.

data privacy

Data Privacy

At Communardo, we provide transparent information on how personal data is processed.  Any personal data shared with us will be guarded with confidentiality and processed within countries that comply with GDPR.



Our mission is to provide reliable solutions for our customer’s challenges. By offering enhanced security, Communardo products enable customers to ensure a secure digital workplace and drive up productivity.


Communardo Products ensure a high level of data security. As a reasonable concern for customers, Communardo continuously strives to take all reasonable measures to protect user data effectively. So, as a user, you can rest assured that no one will be able to access your data without permission.

Our security program adequately contains three principles of the CIA Triad:

  • Confidentiality -Data is accessed only by authorized users with the proper credentials.
  • Integrity -All data stored is reliable, consistent and accurate, and protected against improper modification
  • Availability -Data is readily accessible and available for business needs.

Atlassian Marketplace Bug Bounty Program

While we are developing apps following industry standards and best practices, we’re also relying on external security testing for our apps. We reinforced vulnerability management through Atlassian Marketplace Bug Bounty Program. It aims to continuously improve the security posture of Atlassian Marketplace apps. Consequently, our solutions are easily identified by the security badge “Cloud Participant Badge” in the Atlassian marketplace app listing.

atlassian bug bounty program

security program

Security Self-Assessment Program

As Atlassian Gold Marketplace Partner, we have completed the Security Self-Assessment Program in order to pinpoint vulnerabilities and identify improvements before launching the app. So, as an app user, you can rest assured of the security and privacy of your data. Data vulnerabilities are managed and sensitive data are treated with extra security. Furthermore, no data is thought to be lost. In case of disaster, Communardo has a clear plan for backups and data recovery

Atlassian’s Cloud Fortified Security Program

Lately, customers are considering migration to the cloud and embracing this change. Communardo is supporting them on this journey by providing an excellent cloud experience with additional security. Being an Atlassian Marketplace Partner for 12 years, Communardo strives to be at the forefront of innovation for our Cloud apps. That’s why we invest proactively in security activities, and now, we are part of the Cloud Fortified Program.
As part of this program, our Cloud Apps not only meet their commitment to cloud security based on Atlassian’s standards, but these solutions guarantee advanced security, reliability, and support.


More about security?

If you require any further information about the security of our apps, let us know!

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