User Anonymizer for Confluence

Icon User Anonymizer for Confluence and Jira

Easily anonymize user data to comply with GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten.

Instantly find and anonymize user data across Confluence.

Avoid administrative headaches and costly penalties with this simple, yet powerful user anonymizer.

One powerful user anonymizer.

With this app, it just takes a click to completely scrub user data from Confluence spaces, blog posts, likes, mentions, comments, and more.

Finds user data in the toughest places.

This app searches everywhere—from spaces and pages to macros and activity logs—to find and remove every instance of the targeted user’s personal data.

Completely traceless operation.

Completely erases user footprints across Confluence without updating page histories or triggering notifications.

Built-in sandbox mode.

Lets you safely preview changes before permanently applying user anonymization.

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