SubSpace Navigation for Confluence

Icon SubSpace Navigation for Confluence

The best way to organize and navigate Confluence.

Teams get down to business faster with the right navigation.

Help your teams find what they’re looking for with a clear central navigation menu and personalized dashboards.


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Navigation made easy.

Quickly arrange all of your wiki content—spaces, pages, folders and more—into a centralized navigation menu.

Drag-and-drop simplicity.

Add and delete navigation elements with a simple mouse click. Then drag and drop them into any order you like. Now administration is just as painless as navigation.

Powerful personalization options.

With simple CQL queries, you can create personal dashboards displaying recent page interactions, favorites, and other content relevant to a user’s role, interests or location.

Display navigation in pages.

A simple macro makes it easy to embed overviews of menus within pages or blog posts.

Ready for other integrations.

Get the power to theme your navigation and dynamically display more advanced results by integrating with CUTE for Confluence, Metadata for Confluence and User Profiles for Confluence.

Really nice add-on for organizing spaces.

Rick Elkins

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Icon SubSpace Navigation for Confluence

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