RemindMe for Jira

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Keep Jira workflows running smoothly with simple, issue-based reminders.

The best way to keep teams focused and on schedule.

Busy teams get more done when they can schedule ad-hoc tasks for later and stay focused on higher priority projects.


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Fast and easy individual reminders.

Simple, custom reminders for tasks enable users to effectively manage their workload and keep projects on schedule.

Quickly set global reminders.

Manage all reminders in one place. Users can schedule multiple reminders with just a single click to ensure that they don’t miss a beat when they return from a business trip or vacation.

Snooze with just a click.

Instantly postpone reminders for a day, a week or a month.

Powerful filtering options.

Quickly find all issues with a specified reporter, assignee or scheduled due date.

The RemindMe add-on is a must have. You can manage your reminders directly in Jira, where all your tasks are. There is no need to manage the reminders anywhere else or watch all the issues you are interested in (and get a lot of emails). Our users love it.

Stefan Niemeyer

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