Karma for Confluence

Harness the power of gamification — and create a winning wiki.

Everyone wins with Karma for Confluence.

Users will enjoy competing for points, badges, and medals. And you’ll love how easy it is to manage your wiki when they’re rewarded for contributing and collaborating.

Ignite engagement.

Whether you’re getting ready to launch Confluence or revitalize it, gamification gives you the power to quickly boost adoption and engagement.

Make wiki management fun.

Award points and badges for creating, editing, labeling and commenting on pages—then sit back and watch as users compete to climb up leaderboards and gain recognition.

Reward collaboration.

Bring your team together by rewarding social activities such as following, liking and sharing. And let them show their appreciation for each other with special award medals.

Quickly onboard employees.

Reward new employees for filling out their profiles, completing online forms and training, and connecting with others.

Customize it all for your business.

Easily set point values for Karma events, upload custom badges and medals, and configure how Karma points are tracked and displayed in your organization.

Great Add On. Gamification makes participation so much more fun!

Martin Cleaver

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