Highlights for Microsoft Teams

Stay connected with your colleagues via Highlights and Trending Topics

Through the “Highlights” feature, you can keep track of your colleagues’ successes and engagements.


Losing track of ongoing topics?

The hybrid work environment can sometimes limit employees from following the updates and content shared by other departments. If employees continue missing out on current affairs, silos will emerge. Managers, especially, need an effective way to keep tabs on ongoing topics to avoid any overlaps.

Focusing too much on the negative?

Working hard and being ambitious are appreciated traits among employees and managers. But many tend to focus only on the negative outcomes despite having a lot of achievements worth celebrating. When this persists, you’d notice team members losing motivation and being less productive.

Psychological research revealed that thinking of a single highlight each day can significantly improve a person’s wellbeing – especially in fast-paced remote-working environments (Daniel Avrahami, 2020).


Solution: Encourage everyone to report individual work highlights

The modern work environment thrives on positive reinforcement. After the end of a workweek, do you and your team spend a few minutes to reflect on personal work highlights – or do you only discuss shortcomings? When you do discuss each other’s achievements and progress, does it feel uplifting?

Though a simple act, it is an effective way to drive positivity and engagement – describing your daily or weekly highlights in a few words. It is not only instantly rewarding, but also improves the level of employee wellbeing, self-confidence, and work motivation.

This is why we implemented “Highlights” in our internal Communardo routine even way before we thought of it as a potential product. The way this simple practice empowers everyone is undeniable.

Improve team productivity & efficiency

Through Highlights for Microsoft Teams, managers and those in leadership positions can access reports on trending topics and highlights across the company – at any level. They can also identify new business opportunities and synergies between departments. 

Additionally, they are able to locate stakeholders across teams, engage introverts easily, and track ongoing initiatives in a single view. Essentially, the company can appreciate everyone’s work where it happens.

By reinforcing achievement, you will not only improve employee experience and wellbeing, but you will also gain more visibility across hierarchy levels and celebrate your and your team’s success with the entire company. Find potential experts in your team and foster a business network from within the organization. 


Get started today and join 4,000+ companies who are working smarter with Communardo products.

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Stay informed about your colleagues’ highlights & boost productivity with Highlights for Microsoft Teams

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