GDPR Apps for Confluence and Jira

Are you ready to meet the new European GDPR regulations? These new rules—effective since May 25—will dramatically change how businesses handle user information.

As a Confluence or Jira admin, you need to understand the new rules for handling sensitive user information—and how to avoid costly penalties.

The Solution

Jira and Confluence users leave a bunch of traces while creating tickets and pages or commenting on them. Thus, one of the biggest challenges for system admins is to comply with the GDPR’s “Right to be Forgotten” without erasing valuable information.

That’s why we developed two Apps called User Anonymizer for Jira and User Anonymizer for Confluence.

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Icon User Anonymizer for Confluence and Jira
Icon User Anonymizer for Confluence and Jira

User Anonymizer for Confluence

This app will help you to scrub user data from Confluence. It finds all the footprints e.g. in Confluence spaces, blog posts, likes, mentions, comments and even more. User data is erased completely traceless, meaning page histories won’t be updated and no notifications will be sent out.

User Anonymizer for Jira

The powerful app will help you to find and anonymize users across Jira while giving you flexible options to customize with JQL and operating completely traceless.

The Webinar

In the webinar, our experts discussed how GDPR affects European businesses. Learn about the new “right to erasure—and discover a simple solution to anonymizing user data in Confluence and Jira and easily complying with GDPR.


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  • Anonymization of user data in Confluence and Jira according to GDPR
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