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We believe that success begins and ends with great teams. Thus, we actively seek and support partners to leverage synergies and create success stories—by integrating our products, by marketing enablement or by joint activities to promote apps and services.

Our Partners

Our partner in Phoenix, Arizona: Fringe Technology

Fringe Technology

Fringe Technology will surely help you find the right Atlassian products for your company. Shari and her team are not only experts dealing with Atlassian tools, but also do their job with a lot of passion. Having worked with Atlassian for more than ten years, they not only have the knowledge to implement the products for you but have built a great service all around them. Get in contact with them.

Country: USA
Location: Phoenix, Arizona


The guys from K15t develop great Atlassian apps to ease your work with Confluence. With their Scroll app series, you may, for instance, manage your wiki-pages or export content beautifully as PDF or HTML.

Country: Germany
Location: Stuttgart

bitvoodoo logo


Bitvoodoos experts love to develop apps to make your daily work much easier just as much as we do. Maybe this is why our products work together that great. Combining their Enterprise theme app with Metadata for Confluence you may e.g. create a personalized news feed on your Confluence dashboard.

Country: Switzerland
Location: Zurich

atsistemas logo

at sistemas

At sistemas is your all-rounder in digital transformation. With their innovative and creative approaches, they will help you to transform your business in a more efficient and thus more successful one. Visit them to find out how they can support your business with their experience in Spain.

Country: Spain
Location: Madrid

Our partner in Barcelona, Spain: Comalatech


Comalatech has the great vision to “Build great software that makes life easier”, which is one of the facts why we feel so connected to them. Another is that their amazing apps make working with Confluence and Jira easy and fun. Use top-rated products such as Comala Workflows and our Metadata for Confluence app to get a customized approval process for your Confluence pages. Get in touch with them.

Country: Spain
Location: Barcelona

“Diagrams for everyone, everywhere.” is the overall principle of the team. For this reason, they developed their best rated collaborative diagramming tool, which lets you create great diagrams directly in Confluence or Jira. Making our and your daily work much easier.

Country: UK
Location: Northampton, Northamptonshire

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