Modern Work Guide

Your guide through the jungle of modern work – to not get lost within tools and methods!

Empower your employees with information – don’t let them drown in it!

Shaping a productive workday for your team members

The Modern Work Guide explains typical workday challenges in practical scenarios and provides compact assistance.

Content that matters

Scenarios, tools, and roles – Modern Work Guide leads you in all three dimensions to make your workday easier. By searching for roles, tools and categories you can easily find your step by step walkthrough for every scenario.


Benefit from our 20 years of experience in digital collaboration

Unleash the power of modern work by learning from the best methodologies developed in 20 years of expertise in consulting.

Join our customers worldwide ­čîÄ and enjoy these benefits!


Easy Sharing 

Choose the right scenario and share it with your colleagues in teams easy with just one click.

Mobile Optimized Access

Find your step-by-step walkthrough for each scenario as easy as on your desktop device!

Foster your Team’s Collaboration


Learn from an ever-growing, innovative variety of state-of-the-art use cases and increase the employee self-efficacy in the workplace!

Save Time


Make your workday easier and speed up the work process by finding the best use case for your needs! 

Always up-to-date


All solution scenarios are up-to-date, easy to understand, and offer original content.

Not yet ready for a teams app?

Modern Work Guide is also available as a PDF or an integration into your Sharepoint Learning Portal.

Modern Work Guide is ready to guide you through the jungle of apps, tools, and a mountain of information. Are you? 

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