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Ebook: Making Magic with Metadata


Help your teams stay productive on Confluence with powerful content management capabilities.

Is the growing number of Confluence pages wreaking havoc on your team? Is it getting harder for your users to find the information they’re looking for let alone collaborate on new ideas?

As an admin, you hold the magic wand. With it, you can control the chaos and summon new levels of productivity. 

Download this free ebook to learn 5 different ways you can use Metadata for Confluence to:

  • Build a database for quick product discovery
  • Manage project portfolio planning across teams
  • Ensure compliance for requirements engineering
  • Implement processes with high accuracy and consistency
  • Structure your knowledge base and improve searchability with custom filters

Plus, get the inside scoop on how a successful Atlassian partner and other enterprises make magic with Metadata for Confluence.

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If you’re relying on Labels, Space Categories, and Page Properties Reports to organize content, you know how frustrating it is to govern content creation across the organization.

Avoid messy pages and future headaches, download this advanced content management guide right now.

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