Discover the Philosophy behind Modern Work Guide: Interview with Linda Kröger

Are you overwhelmed by the variety of tools available to you at work? Do you struggle to determine which tool to use for a given use case, or do your colleagues frequently ask you which tool to use?

Linda Kröger, Head of Management Consulting, experienced these same challenges and set out to create a solution: Modern Work Guide.

“I just wanted that the use of tools must be as easy as possible, as a cooking recipe,” says Linda. “You just have to know what the ingredients are and get simple step-by-step instructions. Then it doesn’t matter if you are a master chef or just starting to cook. With the right instructions, anyone can make the dish.”

Modern Work Guide is an app designed to help users find the right tool for their use case quickly and easily. Rather than reading lengthy content or manuals, users can navigate directly to the app and find out the scenario that best meets their needs. The app is intended to make the use of workplace tools as straightforward as following a recipe.

To learn more about the story behind Modern Work Guide, we spoke with Linda Kröger. Here’s what she had to say:

What inspired you to create Modern Work Guide?

I was inspired to create Modern Work Guide because I noticed that the tool landscape in the workplace was becoming increasingly complex. I found that it was challenging to determine which tool to use for a given use case, and I realized that many of my colleagues were experiencing the same frustration. I wanted to create a solution that would make it easy for anyone to find the right tool for their needs.

What did your colleagues think when you told them about the idea and then went on to develop and release the app?

My colleagues were sceptical at first, thinking “I can just Google that”. But what about having a one-pager that fits my use case and also combines tool and method knowledge?

I can’t find that on Google, or it would take a lot of time. And, so the idea for the Modern Work Guide was born.

What about the target market? Can you tell me about the ideal customer profile specifically for that app? How can you describe it?

I would describe the ideal customer profile with three characteristics: 

  • There is a large number of tools in the company. 
  • There is a desire to make it easier for users to work with these tools and to increase user acceptance.
  • They first try to get the best out of the standard tools and then add individual solutions as required.

What’s the big value of the app? What are the customer’s challenges or pain points that this app addresses/solves?

From the user’s point of view, there is definitely less frustration from being confused by all the tools, or the tool not doing what it is supposed to do. 
And you spend less time looking for information. So you have more time to do productive things.
But the most important thing for me is that we finally get to use the tools. What is the benefit of the best tool in the world if it is not used or used incorrectly? So the guide helps to get the best out of the tools and to develop modern ways of working.

Have you informed customers about the idea?

Absolutely. I believe that every company should adopt the use case mindset to create real value for the users. My guiding principle: “Use cases for everyone”

What’s their feedback so far?

Many customers have embraced the user-centric mindset and have been using the PDF version of the Modern Work Guide for several months. Some have even started to expand our content to include more company-specific use cases. Now I’m looking forward to attracting more and more customers to the app because it takes the advantages of the PDF version and offers even more.

What’s the difference between this app and other similar apps in the market?

I like to sum it up in one word: Focus. There are so many ways to use tools. Instead of explaining them all, we show one simple way that works. And we combine tool instructions with our methodological knowledge.
Let me give you an example. If I, as a project manager, want to set up a task board for the team, it is nice that different tools like Jira, Planner, Lists and are available. But it is much more helpful if the guide helps me to find the right tool for the complexity and requirements of my project and then gives me tips on how to set up a good structure in the task board. For example a simple planner board with different buckets and categories to filter tasks by milestones. So for us, the tools are a means to an end.

In conclusion, Modern Work Guide is a valuable tool for anyone who struggles to navigate the complex landscape of workplace tools. With its user-friendly design and intuitive interface, the app makes it easy to find the right tool for any given use case. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a new employee, Modern Work Guide can help you navigate the workplace tool landscape with ease. Are you ready to use it?

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Klaida Sulko
15. June 2023